Lamellar Ichthyosis


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By: Avery Goforth, Cameron Fernandez, Karina Ramos, and Joelle Carrington

Team Members

Avery Goforth- I am Dr. Goforth. I attended MIT and obtained my masters degree in biology specializing in genetic research. My father was also a geneticist and it got me very interested in the subject.

Cameron Fernandez-

Joelle Carrington- I am Dr. Carrington and I went to the University of Florida Health. I got my MD in skin medicine, and I help find a better way to prevent skin diseases.

Karina Ramos- I'm Ms. Ramos. I went to Baylor University. I got my masters degree and PHD

Backgroud Info on Lamellar Ichthyosis

Lamellar Ichthyosis is a rare genetic skin disorder. It starts at birth and as of now it is uncurable. If you have it, you would have large dark scale-looking patches on your skin. You may summer with hair loss, red skin, joint deformities, and hardened skin on the bottom of your feet and palms.

Goals and Objectives

Main Goal- Find a cure so that no one else suffers with this disorder or get enough information and research on Lamellar Ichthyosis to create a cream of temporary solution to comfort the patient.


1. Educate more Dermatologists about the disorder and how to identify it and for us to come up with a better cream to swell down the skin.

2. Find a better system like a pill or shot for Vitamin D treatments that's stronger for the body to take in.

3. The people with Lamellar Ichthyosis to have them located in a cooler climate so that their skin won't be as irritated or become red.

4. Educate more people on the disorder.

Why is this important?

This is important because we would like to come as close to finding a cure or temporary solution to this skin disorder as fast as possible. We would like to give comfort to whoever has this disease by creating any products we can to help with it. We need to do more testing and find more information to do so. It's also important because people need to become familiar with it. It is not contagious, and just because it's different does not mean you should be scared of it. The more people that are educated on it, the more the people who have it are accepted into society. Considering 1 in 200,000 have it in the US, it's not seen very often. When it is, it's not easy for the people who have it. They hide their skin because they don't want to be judged and no one should have to do that.


We request $64,567.64 in total for our research on lamellar ichthyosis. We need $14,567.64 for a warehouse that we can do our research in, $50,000 to hire a proper staff and $10,000 on equipment.


Even though Lamellar Ichthyosis is a rare disorder, it still affects many people’s lives along with their friends and family. With this program we have created, it will help treat some victims of the disorder and educate those who want to learn more about this disorder. It’s important to know more about this disorder so we can spread the word and so us scientists can perform the correct testing to help the victims. We will do further testing so that we can find more information on it, and hopefully, one day, find a cure or at least advance in the medications we already have.

We look forward to having the Baylor University Medical Center as our most important partner in it’s efforts to make lives easier.

Thank you for listening!