3rd-Reading and Writing Planning

Sept. 28-Oct. 2 (week 6) and Oct. 5-9 (week 7)

Reading TEKS 3.13 A, D (week 6) 3.13 B, D (Week 7)

Students analyze, make inferences, draw conclusions about and understand expository texts and provide evidence from text.

3.13 A identify details or facts that support their understanding

3.13 D use text features to locate information and make and verify predictions about texts.

3.13 B draw conclusions from the facts presented in text and support with text evidence

Writing TEKS 3.17 A-E (ongoing) 3.22 A, B, C, 3.23 A-D

Personal Narrative. Writing Process, parts of speech, sentences, handwriting, grammar, punctuation, capitalization.

This is very class/student specific.

Social Studies TEKS 3.9 C, D, 3.11 B, (week 6) 3.11 A, C (week 7)

3.9 C identify services provided by local, state and national governments.

3.9 D explain how local, state and national government services are financed.

3.11 B identify historical figures who exemplify food citizenship

3.11 A, C identify characteristics of good citizenship including truthfulness, justice, equality, respect, responsibility and participation in government. Civic responsibility, obeying laws, serving on a jury and voting.

Discovery Ed Streaming:

- Service Workers and the Services They Provide

Lesson Plans: Good Citizens