Grade 2 News

Newsletter #2: Who We Are

UOI 1: Who We Are

Transdisciplinary Theme:

An inquiry into the nature of the self; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities, and cultures; rights and responsibilities; what it means to be human.

Central idea: There are rights and responsibilities of being a member of a global community.

Key concepts: Form, Perspective, Responsibility

Related concepts: Citizenship, leaders, change, perspective, Civics

Lines of inquiry

  • How beliefs impact our communities (Perspective)
  • Making choices that impact our community (Responsibility)
  • Different roles in the global community (Form)

UOI Field Trip Reflection

For this UOI we visited the Heiffer Global Village. We were so blessed and this was such an interesting trip! Aside from the mosquitoes it was an amazing time! Thank you to our wonderful an amazing chaperones! It could not have been as successful or fun without you!

We learned so many lessons while we were out there and we explored in class how knowing how other people in communities are living will help us to make responsible choices and take actions that can benefit others.

The Refugee Experience

Look out for Tigers!


In Class:

Students are finishing up Module 7 and working on their year end cumulative tests in math that will show their overall growth in math for the year. Students will be working on this over the next few days of school along with finishing up Module 7 reviewing measurement, graphing, and money. We will be working in math all the way to the end of the year InshaAllah so students will be able to practice and review all that we have learned this year.

Zearn is still important for students to do at home and I can tell that many of the students have not been working on it. I encourage students to work on it every night for 10 minutes especially if their grade book comments suggest this as a support for a certain topic.

Using Benchmarks to measure

Language Arts

Writing: I am so excited that we are well on our way through the writing process and the students have show so much progress in their writing! Not only with this writing be their UOI summative for this unit it will also be a part of their student portfolio of assessments as a writing sample so students are really working their best and I am so happy with their work.

Reading: Students have been assessed using the Fontas and Pinnell reading assessment please see managebac for their overall reading levels as well as their recommendations in reading for this summer. We are continuing to explore the genre of mysteries this unit and students have been making quite a few connections to their personal stories as well as the class read aloud story "Ivy and Bean: Takes the Case". Keep reading those mysteries! At home students can work on making predictions when reading mysteries.

Language: Students have been working with composing and identifying simple and compound sentences, they have worked on understanding why it is important to use a variety of sentence structures in their writing. We have also worked with irregular verbs, as well as descriptive words like adverbs and adjectives. Students will work with shades in meaning with words (like hungry, starving, famished) and will build words in shades as a project to demonstrate what they have learned.

What to expect next......

In the next few weeks we will be:

  • Eid Holiday June 14-15 (Eid MUbarek!)
  • Resume Regular Time Schedule June 18
  • 1/2 Day school Schedule June 27-28th
  • Last Day of school and school wide Eid Party (June 28th)

Eid Gift Exchange: Parents in Grade 2 are hosting an Eid gift exchange for the last Day of school please remind students that this is a surprise so we should keep it that way so that it is fun, (its the MYSTERY that makes it fun) Please note that if you have any questions you can email Thank you to the parents who have headed this up! Gifts will be brought to school on the last day (July 28) and exchanged on our Eid/End of year Party.

Report Cards:

Parents will receive access to their students report cards for the year after June 28th InshaAllah. It is important for parents to monitor and keep up with the grades on managebac so that if they have questions prior to the end of the year the teachers are available to answer them. We do not have conferences in term three and teachers will not be available over the summer to discuss concerns so make sure you are up to date on managebac before the end of the year.

Student's last Day:

If there are any students who will not be coming to school until the last day (June 28th) please let me know ahead of time so that I may be sure to send home all of the things they will need to take home with them on their last day of school.


Big picture

String art - Symmetry and movement

Students explored the use of unconventional materials to create art, they used a string, painting knife, tempera paint and mixed media paper.
They folded the paper and then opened it, they used 3 or 4 colors of tempera paint, and by holding the string vertically and using the painting knife to dip the string slowly into the paint without stirring and mixing the colors, once the string picked up the paint, they made the tip of the string land slowly and vertically on one half of the folded paper, and slowly created a wavy line with the string on the paper leaving the tip of the string outside and at the bottom of the paper, then the students folded back the paper, put one hand on and gently remove the string in a linear motion.
The students could repeat this step if they wanted. and finally they observed the symmetrical and fluid design, how the colors were mixed to create a variety of hues, and how the movement of the string created interesting effects.
Big picture

String art - mixed media

Students continued working on the project of the string art on cardboard pastels background.
After creating the gradient and the horizontal colored stripes on a 6 inches square cardboard, students used a small nail to make 12 holes on the cardboard, then they used colored string to insert it through the holes and created an interwoven design.
The students used the elements of texture and form, and observed the geometric shapes created with the string lines.



  • Students have been learning about the different types of professions they can see in the community and talked about their family members professions.
  • أبي معلم و أمي طبيبة و أنا طالب
  • Students are learning about each profession in the community and which one do they like.
  • أنا أريد أن أكون طيار أو شرطي أو طبيب
  • Students have been learning how to differentiate between masculine and feminine with verb and noun.


  • Students have been working on memorize and understand Surah’s Al-Balad and Al-Fajr.
  • Tajweed – practicing fluency and reading in the Quraan Surah Al Baqarah pages 10-11.

Islamic Studies

  • Akhlaq:

Students have been learning about how to keeping a promises, being thankful, spreading salam, helping in good things and kindness to animals.

  • Hadith: أية المنافق ثلاثة
  • Adab: adab of greeting, entering a house, speaking, sneezing, yawning and eating.
  • Seerah: students have been reviewing Prophet Muhammad's life from birth to open call to Islam

Just a little reminder that Quran book log is due on the last day of Ramadan around 6/13 inshaa Allah, please encourage your child to read Quran minimum of 10 minutes every day to increase your rewards during these blessed 10 nights of Ramadan.

We are working on our summative which is Due on 6 /13 to master their ability of writing 3 full sentences including preposition words.