Multimedia Artist + Animator

It is a good job for inspiring artists!


Training and Education

A bachelor or a masters degree will be need, and the "training" is easy! All you have to do is... PRACTICE!!!!

Work Enviroment

You work indoors, in a nice, little, office. You can also work outside if want some fresh air to sketch future projects. Since you are gonna be around paint chemicals, you will need some type of protective gear, such as goggles! You also may work individually, but might have some group projects!


$44,400 per year $21.35 per hour


Growth Opportunities

You can develop a drawing style or improve your drawings.

Job Outlook

A lot of artists do animating or drawing in their free time. They can get private requests from collectors or museums.


  • Getting a second job is your best bet!
  • Finishing projects on time as well