By: Amy, Myles, and Angie

Teenage Pregnancy

  • Over 2,000 teenage girls get pregnant every day
  • 8 out of 10 fathers don't marry the mother of the child.
  • Daughters of young teen mothers are twice as likely to become a teen mother.
  • Sons of teen mothers are twice as likely to end up in prision

Symmetry of a Perfect Face

  • The eyes of a girl/boy pick up the shapes of a perfect face, and that means that they are beautiful.
  • The ratio is (foot to navel):(navel to head)
  • This ratio was and is still used today by, architects and artists.
  • Throughout history, the perfect ratio has been used to create great beauty.

Main characters

The Reality of Beauty Pageants

  • Mom was investigated by child welfare for giving her daughter botox before a pageant.
  • Children might not get enough sleep
  • Lack of winning results in low-self esteem
  • Wastes childs time to play and learn
  • Parents are sexualizing their children by making them wear the make up, hair, and fancy clothes

Religious Cults

  • Popular in the secular media
  • Sect whose members are controlled almost entirely by a single individual or by an organization.
  • Those groups do not lead to Christ of the Bible, but to another Jesus and another gospel.