By: Karlina Rodriguez

What is a Neurologist?

Neurologists are the medical doctor who diagnose and treat problems wit the nervous system. They work to restore health to an essential system in the body. A cool thing about being a neurologist is you can use and MRI, which is a Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine that you can see a 3-D image of your brain to determine the proper diagnosis.



To be a certified Neurologist you need to have Four years of premedical education in a college or university. Four years of medical school resulting in MD or DO (doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy degree) One-year internship in either internal medicine or in medicine/surgery. At least 3 years of specialty training in an accredited neurology residency program.

Patient Requirement:

People who want to become neurologists must have a desire to serve patients, be self-motivated, and be able to survive the pressure and long hours of medical education and practice. Physicians also must have a good bedside manner, emotional stability, and the ability to make decisions in emergency's.

Annual Salary and Projected Job Growth:

$187,200 a year

Faster than average (2012-2022) 14% to 20%

Companies Hiring

Harvard Medical School, Kraiser Permante, National Institute of Health