VCR Lesson 7

Joseph Kim

What is the word?

When the terrorists invaded the museum, they held a(n) _____________________ to single out the members of their rival group and eliminate them.
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1. A prolonged inquiry or questioning, especially a harsh investigation on religious or political issues.
2. (capitalized) The special court of the Roman Catholic church in the Middle Ages to combat, suppress, and punish heresy, i.e., any belief varying from orthodox doctrine.


1. Interrogation
2. Cross-examination
3. Inquiry
4. Investigation


No direct antonyms but anything that shows lack of interest or question such as:
1. Indifference
2. Neglect


quaero, quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitum- Latin- "to seek"
in- Latin- "in"

"Seek into" as in "to investigate"

Alternative Forms

1. Inquisitive (adj.)- curious or inquiring
2. Inquisitor (noun)- official in an Inquisition
3. Inquisitorial (adj.)- of or like an inquisitor, offensively prying

Which BOLDED word is used incorrectly?

1. During the debate, each side has a period of inquisition, during which either side is allowed to interrogate the opposite side in order to stump the opponents.
2. Curious George inquisitationally observed the city people because he was like his name, curious.
3. The inquisitor brought forth the man to be questioned and forced the man to sit on an uncomfortable chair so that he would be irritated during the questioning session.
4. Congressmen use inquisition for a chance for them to question a fellow Congressman's sponsorship of a bill so that they can make the bill apt to all people.