What's New in Room 182

Mrs. Peters' 3rd Grade * March 18, 2016

Come one, come all... it's Carnival time!

Students did a great job this week staying focused on their learning and pushing their thinking. We worked as a team to prepare for new students (WELCOME!) and the next steps in our 3rd grade learning. Keep up the good work, everyone!

Mrs. Peters

SURPRISE... Mrs. Kasid came to read to us!

We were very excited to welcome Mrs. Kasid, a former teacher to several of the students, to read today! She shared a motivating and special book to her titled If I Never Forever Endeavor. Students made many connections to the mindsets we are developing in our classroom and their hopes and dreams.

Spaces are filling fast, so please sign up to be our next Mystery Reader! You can find more information and a sign-up page here. Guessing Friday's Mystery Reader and listening to new voices and stories is SUCH an exciting part of our week (Just ask your 3rd grader!). Please consider volunteering to spend just a small part of your Friday with us!!

Focus on the Curriculum


  • Weekly suffix: -less (without)

Please make sure your student is completing their Sort & Glue Matching Activity in their Learning Log on Monday night, so that they have plenty of time to learn their new words.

Also, they must complete five Spelling City activities at home (via web or free app) during the week to practice. Tuesday night when they bring home their iPads is a great time for this!

  • Genres and themes

This week we're going to break down examples of fiction, such as fables, folk tales, and myths. Students have done so well determining all of the parts of stories, and we're going to continue with this work.


  • Chapter 6: Functions

We're really enjoying our dive back into algebra and the world of input and output functions. We will take a test Thursday on this chapter... it's a pretty brief unit of study!

**Homework this week will be a Weekly Review #20, sent home Monday and due Friday.


Forest Hills Carnival - TONIGHT! 5:30-8:00pm

See you there!

Phy. Ed. (Day 2) - Tuesday, March 22, this week!

Don't forget your tennis shoes!

PRACTICE MCA - Thursday, March 24

Since this is the students' first year taking MCA, we are going to practice with the 3rd grade MCA Sampler on Thursday morning. The purpose is is to give them a look at the types of directions and items and prepare them for the environment and use of technology. I know this will be a valuable learning experience in preparation for the "real thing" in April. (Dates coming soon.)

Library - Every Thursday

Be sure you bring your books to return or renew.