about me

by: Mavneet

If i could go anywhere

I would go to Paris to experience new cuisine and fool. I would also go to Paris to look at the amazing attractions and landmarks. Also the fashion forward shops of Paris. I also want to improve my French and try a new cuisine of food.

Why I can only be me

I can only be me because no fingerprint is exactly alike, just like people. For example, differences like favorites colors, My appearance, sports teams can make you unique. Only I cam be me because of my hobbies, my likes and dislikes and basically what I do everyday. Nobody know/does everything you do 24/7 . So that is what makes you unique. I can only be me because everybody, and I mean everybody, has one difference from the other

I can only be me because only my DNA matches my family's. Nobody has exactly my physical appearance. I can only be me because nobody can replace me. I can only be me because I am unique and an individual person. In life, everybody has something unexpectedly happen so therefore, no one can become me. I am who I am, because of my habits and the things I do. I can't be replaced because nobody knows me well enough to replace me.

In conclusion, I am who I am because of how I look and my likes and dislikes. I am who I am because of where I come from and live. Nobody, can replace me or be exactly like me

25 accomplishments in my life

1. Become a doctor

2. Get in a plane!

3. Get a car

4. Get a cat

5. Go skydiving

6. Own a huge house

7. Go hot air ballooning

8. Go camping

9. Visit California

10. Discover someplace new

11. Ride an elephant

12. Go go-kart racing

13. Go on a cruise

14. became a famous artist

15. Go to Disney land

16. Become successful

17. Win the lottery

18. Try new foods

19. be healthy

20. Earn tons of money

21. Get into a nice school

23. Learn to sew

24. Be healthy

25. Have a fun life

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"be the change you want to see in the world"


time line

Dec 21 2003 ( I was born)

Dec 21 2004 (my first birthday)

July 2014 ( art, math and science award)

Jan 2015 (moved to my new school and home)

Jan, 5, 2015 ( first day of school)

my portrait poem

I am creative and artistic

I wonder about my future

I hear birds chirping

I see a beautiful country

I want world peace

I pretend to be a artist

I feel happy

I touch a kitten

I worry that I wont become successful

I cry when the world is not at peace

I am creative and artistic

I understand that everyone in the world cant be happy

I say " always believe in yourself"

I dream I will live in a beautiful house

I try to work hard

I hope my life turns out great

I am creative and artistic