Christie Newsletter No.5

Staying Connected, Collaborative, and Committed


Important Dates/Events:

September 30th, BUS Evacuation ***Make sure your class views the video!

September 30th, Holly's Baby Shower! (view invitation above)

September 30th, ALL trainings are due **please turn in 504 certificate to Mrs. Montenegro

October 1st, Team Leader Meeting

October 7th, Fall Pictures

October 8th, Spirit Night (Chick-Fil-A)

October 12th, Parent Teacher Conferences

Goal Gains

After collecting the data last week on your needs regarding Small Group Instruction it was clear that ALL 3 topics were of EQUAL interest! So, for fun, let's narrow our search to the TOP 3 ESSENTIALS for Guided Reading Instruction, in each area. (let's save 'teacher table' for our PLT time with Julie at our next staff PD). :)

Planning for Guided Reading (TOP THREE MUST-HAVES)



PLC Plug

Big image

How is the graphic above supporting your work as a PLC?

We will be gathering data during walkthroughs on how our Leadership Behaviors need to change in order to better support you guys through the PLC process.



At Christie Elementary we VALUE (commit) to CELEBRATING each other and engaging parents in our learning!

This WEEK Tweet a pic of student or teacher exhibiting GROWTH MINDSET!

Look out for jeans passes & 'You've been TWITTERED' post-its!