5 Things to Know about WNHS

April 12, 2019

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Prom 2019

Ticket sales will continue for one extra day to allow some of those students who may have forgotten to still purchase their tickets on Monday during lunches. All table seating forms must be submitted by Wednesday, April 17, or students will be assigned to open tables. Students will submit their preference on the table seating form. If they do not select an entree, they will be assigned one.

A few extra facts for parents to know about our prom.

  • Parents are able to come to the school from 4:30 to 5:15 PM to see all the students and their friends in the prom attire. Buses will begin loading at 5:15 and depart at 5:30 PM.
  • Students must ride the bus to and from the venue. Any situation that requires any other type of transportation must be cleared through the administration.
  • The Prom should conclude at about 11 PM, so we should return to the school by approximately 11:30 PM. Please be here to pick up your student if they need a ride.
  • This year, for added safety, all parents who have students on our prom list will receive an email stating that your student has purchased Prom Tickets. We hope to get this email out to parents on Monday. If you do not receive one, and you believe your student purchased a ticket, you should contact the office. Also, if student purchase tickets but do not show up to board the bus, we will call parents to let them know we are missing their students.
  • Students who have medication needs during the time of the Prom will be required to check that medication in with the Administration. If you have any questions about medication, please give us a call.

Additional Senior Finals Information.

Last day of full attendance for all seniors - Monday, May 13th

LOCKER clean out end of 3rd - following graduation practice on Friday the 18th

How are Seniors exempt from their finals? By exhibiting one of the achievements below:

  1. Senior students may be exempt from ALL final exams if they achieved the following:

  • A composite score of 1010 or higher on the SAT

  • Administration determines they are in good standing regarding their attendance and behavior.

2. If the student is not exempt from all finals, they will be exempt from their final exam in that class if the following is true:

  • They have an 85% or higher in grade book by Thursday, May 9th.

  • Administration determines they are in good standing regarding their attendance and behavior.

3. Students have registered for the associated AP test for their class.

Some FAQ's about Senior Activities!

  • Senior Awards Ceremony. For the first time, our Senior Awards Ceremony will be held in the evening. We made this change based on a Senior Parent Survey conducted last year. In the past, very few parents have been able to join us for the ceremony because it was held during the day and it is too important to miss. This year, the ceremony will be held May 6, at 6:30 PM. Students and parents will receive a special mailed invitation if their student is receiving any type of special recognition. We hope to have those in the mail next week. The event will be held in the auditorium and will be followed by a brief reception. We hope to see you there!
  • What about Graduation tickets? Students will receive 4 tickets each at the graduation rehearsal on Friday, May 17. Students will then be allowed to stand in line for additional tickets. Students will receive 1 additional ticket each time they go through the line. Students may go through the line as many times as needed or until the tickets run out. If you have additional issues around graduation tickets after this process, please contact Mrs. Livengood in the Main Office. The ceremony will be streamed live from our website should you have family members that cannot make it to Woodstock. The link will be live on the day of the ceremony.
  • Graduation Rehearsal: Remember that this is mandatory for any student who will be participating in the ceremony. The rehearsal will start by 8:45 AM on Friday, May 17, after the Senior Breakfast. Students may not be dismissed early from the rehearsal. Please plan any appointments after 1 PM on that Friday for your Senior.
  • Cap and Gown Pickup: April 24 and 25 during all lunch periods. Herff Jones will not accept any checks for balances that are due on these dates. If you have a remaining balance, please plan to pay that in cash.

Teachers Teaching with Technology.

Last Wednesday, at our most recent Late Start Professional Development, teachers demonstrated what they have been working on with technology in their departments and classrooms. Our focus on technology throughout this 2nd semester has been on how to best use technology to enhance and deepen those things that we are already doing in the classroom.

Two groups in our building have really dedicated themselves to improving their instruction through the use of Technology. First, our Science Department has really worked to move their practices to ones that increase learning for kids. Their use of technology to deepen the study of our world is significant. Recent projects in upper level Biology classes with teacher, Jillian Barry, have used protein sequence databases which allow students to study phylogenetic relationships in nature. In conjunction with that, students are looking at protein sequence alignments between organisms to determine percent similarity. Students have also used data banks of pictures to analyze and develop a trophic level pyramid to determine if conservation efforts in various countries have been effective. Dual Language Biology teacher, Raquel Soto-Lopez, has done incredible work with students in deepening the study of microscopic organisms and reporting that through electronic means. By using technology, students are able to take the picture through the microscope, draw and label their own images, and submit it all for feedback through the use of our LMS, Canvas.

Another department making significant growth in the use of technology is Math. Kathryn Pedersen, Department Chair and Math teacher, has done much work with Desmos, a free application. What Kathryn has been showing us with this particular application is that it allows the teacher to provide immediate feedback to students as they work on their problems in math. Students can draw diagrams, graph problems, and solve equations - all while the teacher can watch their progress.

So proud of our Thunder Teachers!!!