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January 11, 2015 - Volume 2, Issue 18

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Attendance Policy & Clarifications

Please take a moment to read the following attendance policy and clarifications. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Tina Hill or Mrs. Sherry Ricketts. Thank you!
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The Week Ahead...

13 (T) Truancy Meeting, Central Office Auditorium, 7:30AM (rescheduled from 01/08/15)

13 (T) Prom Committee Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

13 (T) Diamond Does Meeting, Ms. Gokee's Room, 3:35PM

13 (T) Basketball vs. Austin, HOME, JVG/JVB-4:30PM, FB/VG-6PM, VB-7:30PM

14 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

14 (W) Balfour, Cafeteria, 8-9:15AM, Senior Orders: Cap&Gown, Invitations, Class Rings

14 (W) Spanish Club Meeting, Señora White's Room, 3:35PM

15 (TH) Balfour, Cafeteria, 8-9:15AM, Seniors / Sophomores

15 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

16 (F) Prom Tickets, $75.00 (Price goes up after today)

16 (F) Spanish Club's Nacho Day, During Break, $2.00

16 (F) Basketball vs. Gadsden City, HOME, JVG/JVB-4:30PM, FB/VG-6PM, VB-7:30PM

16 (F) JV Scholars' Team, ASCA JV Regional Tournament, TBA

17 (S) Varsity Wrestling, Grissom Duals, Grissom High School, 9AM

Be Sure to Check Out Our New Web Site!

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Online yearbooks orders:

YEARBOOK ORDER Deadline: February 12, 2015

Price will go up to $80.00 after 02/12/15

NEW this year: Design your own senior ad!

Purchase and design your ad at the following link:
Deadline EXTENDED for SENIOR ADS: February 12, 2015

Please email any questions to Mrs. Christina Krentel:

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Buck Pride Sweatshirts - $25.00

The Dance Team is selling Comfort Colors sweatshirt for $25.00 (XXL & UP add $2.00) through Wednesday, January 14th. To order come by Ms. Gokee's room or send an email to:

Color: Pepper Grey

Ink: Yellow Gold

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Tara Durboraw

Congratulations to Tara Durboraw, Buckhorn High School's Bryant Jordan Scholar-Athlete Winner!

The Bryant-Jordan Student-Athlete Program was created in 1986 by the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in conjunction with the Alabama High School Athletic Association. It is supervised by the Board of Directors of the Bryant-Jordan Foundation.

The objectives of the program are:

1. To recognize and honor Alabama students who have by ability and effort achieved a level of excellence in the areas of academics and athletics that is commensurate with their potential.

2. To make aware to not only athletes but all segments of the student population that it is both important and rewarding for them to strive to be the best that they can be. The program motivates and encourages students to achieve this goal.

3. To encourage and promote the involvement and commitment of Alabama corporations and individuals in helping improve the academic levels of all students.

( )

Skyler Stephens

Congratulations to Skyler Stephens, Buckhorn High School's Bryant-Jordan Student-Athlete Achievement Winner!

The initial scholarship offered by the Bryant-Jordan Program was the scholar-athlete scholarship. In 1989, the Achievement Award was created. This award is designed to reward the student-athlete who achieves beyond his/her ability both academically and athletically or who may have overcome some obstacle or hardship to achieve success.

Ninety-six scholarships are awarded annually to deserving high school seniors from schools that are members of the Alabama High School Athletic Association. The program has grown from an $8,000 award program to the present over $800,000.

( )

Congratulations Dance Team!

January 10, 2015

UDA State Dance Team Competition - B'ham, Alabama

Coach Kaitlyn Gokee

The Buckhorn Dance Team competed in the UDA State Dance Team Competition on January 10th at Spain Park High School in Birmingham, Alabama. The amazing dance team not only won the hearts of the judges, but they also WON THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in the Varsity Pom Division! We are so proud of these girls and their coach, Ms. Kaitlyn Gokee! If you want to catch the dance team in action, they perform during half-time of the varsity boys home basketball games.

The 2015 National Dance Team Championship will take place January 30th and February 1st at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The national championship is administered by Universal Dance Association, a division of Varsity Brands, Inc. The NDTC is the only national-level dance team championship that is endorsed by the National Federation of State High School Associations, the national service and administrative organization for high school athletics and fine arts programs in speech, debate, theater, and music.

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Wrestling - Southeastern Duals

January 9-10, 2015

Southeastern Duals - Alabaster, Alabama

Coach Dave Barden

Congratulations to our Varsity Bucks Wrestling team and Coach Dave Barden! They placed 8th in the Southeastern Duals held at Thompson High School in Alabaster, Alabama on January 9-10, 2015. After winning 2 of 3 matches and receiving two byes Friday afternoon, the Bucks advanced to the Championships Rounds on Saturday. The Bucks wrestled against some of the top wrestlers in the Southeast.

Match Results and Winning BHS Wrestlers:

Friday, January 9, 2015

Match #1 - Round 1: Brother Martin HS defeated Buckhorn HS 36-27

126 - Garret Marks (Buckhorn HS) over Vincent Rizzo (Brother Martin HS) Dec 5-2

152 - Jordan Thompson (Buckhorn HS) over Erick Lassair (Brother Martin HS) Fall 3:35

160 - Zaquis Freeman (Buckhorn HS) over Cole Alfonso (Brother Martin HS) Dec 11-4

170 - Jimmy Travis (Buckhorn HS) over Mitchel Knauer (Brother Martin HS) Dec 7-1

195 - Somon Anderson (Brother Martin HS) over Dion Jeffries (Buckhorn HS) Dec 14-8

220 - Cameron England (Buckhorn HS) over Jarrod Gaudet (Brother Martin HS) Fall 1:19

285 - Jordan Campbell (Buckhorn HS) over Joshua Orellana (Brother Martin HS) Fall 1:15

Match #2 - Round 2: Buckhorn HS received a Bye

Match #3 - Round 3: Buckhorn HS defeated Saint Benedict at Auburndale HS 45-30

113 - Sean Parish (Buckhorn HS) over Trace Jenkins (SB at Auburndale HS) Fall 1:23

132 - Tyler Adler (Buckhorn HS) over Kaleb Davis (SB at Auburndale HS) Fall 0:58

145 - Riley Yager (Buckhorn HS) over Thomas Herrman (SB at Auburndale HS) Maj 13-0

152 - Jordan Thompson (Buckhorn HS) over Parker Taylor (SB at Auburndale HS) Fall 1:26

160 - Zaquis Freeman (Buckhorn HS) over Shane Gaffney (SB at Auburndale HS) TF 19-3

285 - Jordan Campbell (Buckhorn HS) over Jacob Timmins (SB at Auburndale HS) Fall 1:43

Match #4 - Round 4: Buckhorn HS defeated Scottsboro HS 54-18

113 - Sean Parish (Buckhorn HS) over John Mcalpin (Scottsboro HS) Fall 3:07

138 - Tyler Adler (Buckhorn HS) over Richard Haynes (Scottsboro HS) Fall 1:14

160 - Zaquis Freeman (Buckhorn HS) over Maji Billingsley (Scottsboro HS) Fall 1:32

220 - Cameron England (Buckhorn HS) over Drew Butler (Scottsboro HS) Fall 0:36

Match #5 - Round 5: Buckhorn HS received a Bye

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Match #1 Round 2: Baylor School defeated Buckhorn HS 67-9

106 - Stone Barden (Buckhorn HS) over Hayden Hartline (Baylor School) Dec 2-1

170 - Jimmy Travis (Buckhorn HS) over Sam Reynolds (Baylor School) Fall 3:18

Match #2 Round 3: Oak Mountain HS defeated Buckhorn HS 47-24

113 - Sean Parish (Buckhorn HS) over Jace Sproull (Oak Mountain HS) Dec 13-6

160 - Zaquis Freeman (Buckhorn HS) over Coleman Reeves (Oak Mountain HS) Dec 15-9

195 - Dion Jeffries (Buckhorn HS) over Jordan Davis (Oak Mountain HS) Fall 2:08

220 - Cameron England (Buckhorn HS) over Alex Stanfield (Oak Mountain HS) Fall 3:41

Match #3 Round 4: Buckhorn HS defeated Pulaski Academy 51-22

106 - Stone Barden (Buckhorn HS) over Spencer Davis (Pulaski Academy) Fall 5:11

120 - Kevin Perry (Buckhorn HS) over Jake Paddie (Pulaski Academy) Fall 2:47

132 - Tyler Adler (Buckhorn HS) over Michael Halpin (Pulaski Academy) Fall 2:49

160 - Zaquis Freeman (Buckhorn HS) over Thomas Wheelis (Pulaski Academy) Fall 2:19

182 - Jacob McCalpin (Buckhorn HS) over Ford Aguiar (Pulaski Academy) Dec 5-4

195 - Dion Jeffries (Buckhorn HS) over Keilan Patterson (Pulaski Academy) Fall 3:04

220 - Cameron England (Buckhorn HS) over David Steele (Pulaski Academy) Fall 5:35

285 - Jordan Campbell (Buckhorn HS) over Mario Mcgee (Pulaski Academy) Fall 3:42

Match #4 - Round 5: Smiths Station HS defeated Buckhorn HS 51-30

152 - Jordan Thompson (Buckhorn HS) over Kaleb Fontenot (Smiths Station HS) Fall 2:52

160 - Zaquis Freeman (Buckhorn HS) over Grant Edwards (Smiths Station HS) Fall 1:52

285 - Jordan Campbell (Buckhorn HS) over Jacob Purcell (Smiths Station HS) Fall 3:29

Match #5 - 7th Place Match: Oxford HS defeated Buckhorn HS 38-36

126 - Garret Marks (Buckhorn HS) over Wyatt Shierling (Oxford HS) Fall 1:52

160 - Zaquis Freeman (Buckhorn HS) over Drake Boyles (Oxford HS) Fall 3:05

Overall Individual Results from the Southeastern Duals:
Tyler Adler (132/138, 3-5, 3 pins)

Stone Barden (106, 7-1, 1 pin)

Jordan Campbell (285, 5-3, 4 pins)

Cameron England (220, 6-2, 4 pins)

Zaquis Freeman (160, 7-1, 5 pins)

Dion Jeffries (195, 4-4, 2 pins)

Jacob McCalpin (182, 1-7)

Sean Parish (113, 4-4, 2 pins)

Kevin Perry (120/126, 1-7, 1 pin)

Garret Marks (120/126, 2-6, 1 pin)

Jordan Thompson (152, 3-5, 3 pins)

Jimmy Travis (170, 4-4, 1 pin)

Riley Yager (145, 3-5, MD 13-0)

Dan Meyer - Math Workshop

January 8, 2015

Riverton Intermediate School

BHS/MCSS math teachers attended a Dan Meyer workshop hosted by Riverton Intermediate School.

Dan Meyer taught high school math to students who didn't like high school math. He has advocated for better math instruction on CNN, Good Morning America, Everyday With Rachel Ray, and He received his Masters of Arts from the University of California at Davis in 2005. He currently studies math education at Stanford University, speaks internationally, and works with textbook publishers, helping them move from education's print past to its digital future. He has worked for Google and was named one of Tech & Learning's 30 Leaders of the Future and an Apple Distinguished Educator. He lives in Mountain View, CA.

His workshop explored the intersection of math instruction, multimedia, and inquiry-based learning. He showed how presenting real-life scenarios through photos and videos can makes math problems "irresistible" to students. His visual approach to teaching math, illustrated that math really can be learned without words and numbers.

Resume | Blog | Twitter

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Boston Butts & Ribs Fundraiser

The Lady Bucks Softball Team is having a Boston Butts & Ribs Fundraiser. Sponsor and cook is Mr. Mark Craig. The cost for Boston Butts is $40.00, Ribs (2 racks) are $40.00, or you can purchase a Super Bowl Special for $75 (1 of each). Orders are due by January 20th and will be ready for pick up on January 31st. See any softball player, Coach Rauls, or Coach Pelle to place an order. All checks must be made payable to Buckhorn High School. Please put your phone number on your check.

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Cruisin’ the Road to Success

Featuring Dr. Kreslyn Kelly-Ellis, President/CEO at Premier Leadership Academy

EWTC offers young women in grades 9-12 from all over North Alabama the exciting opportunity to acquire the skills they need for planning their college educations and careers. The conference will include topics such as budgeting and financial aid; applications and career counseling; professional etiquette and much more!


Saturday January 24th, 2015 from 8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Calhoun Community College Student Center

102 Wynn Drive NW Huntsville, AL 35805

To register please visit

Cost: $15/attendant

Enjoy the City Coupon Books - $20

The future Buck Nation News Broadcasting Team is selling "Enjoy the City" Coupon Books for $20. Please help us raise money to purchase the equipment needed to stream our broadcasts within the school and to the surrounding community.

Preview the entire coupon book HERE and see how you can save hundreds of dollars instantly! To purchase a coupon book, please email Ms. Suzanne Sullins:

Thank you for your support! Go Bucks!

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As a result of the many generous donations, we have completed the Veterans Memorial Wall. The Memorial Wall honors all veterans, especially those from the New Market community and Madison County area.

We have received donations totaling over $16,000.00 in cash or material from Buckhorn High School, the Buckhorn High School Class of 2013, Buckhorn JROTC, District 1 Commissioner, Mr. Roger Jones, the Madison County Schools System, Jenkins Brick, Sequatchie Concrete, Alabama Flag & Banner, Clark Memorials & the First Baptist Church of New Market.

We still need your help:
We still need an additional $8,300.00 to finish paying for the bronze Branch/Service Seals, the bronze lettering for the memorial wall, and the red and tan pavers that surround the wall.

You can help:
Please click the link to access the Veterans Memorial (VM) Donor Form. Please print the form and mail your contribution to Buckhorn H.S. JROTC. With donations of $100.00 or more, we will engrave a red brick paver with your veteran loved one's name and other information you choose to put on the brick paver. These pavers will surround the base of the memorial.

Your donation is tax deductible & we will mail you a receipt. Thank you again for your continued support.

Please address questions/comments to:
LTC (Ret) Robert Hartley, Senior Army Instructor
Buckhorn High School
4123 Winchester Road
New Market, AL 35761
Office Phone: (256) 851-3303 | Cell phone: (256) 508-5067

2nd Set of Brick Pavers Will Be Ordered in Late January

BHS JROTC will order the second set of brick pavers for veterans by late January 2015. We will install the second set of pavers at the base of the Veterans Memorial by May 2015. Veterans and Family members of veterans, please visit the "Memorial Project" on the Buckhorn High School Web Site to place your order.

Pavers cost $100.00 for a 4X8 red brick paver (reserved for veteran's inscribed information only) or $200.00 for a 8X8 beige brick paver (inscribed with veteran's information or other civilian sponsor's information).

More detailed information can be found on the Veterans Memorial (VM) donor form also on the Buckhorn High School web site under the “Memorial Project” icon or call/e-mail LTC (Ret) Robert Hartley at (256) 851-3303 or

Thank You Dr. Steve L. Sullins

Dr. Steve L. Sullins, O.D. recently made a VERY generous donation to the Buck Nation News Broadcasting Team! We really appreciate his support of our school's broadcasting program!

Dr. Sullins and his optical technicians work hard to bring their patients the latest in fashion and specialty frame lines. Leading designers from around the world have taken eye glass frames to a whole new level. No longer do frames get in the way of being fashionable - instead they are the height of fashion. Let Sullins Eye Care help you make your next fashion statement with frame lines and/or sunglasses by: Anne Klein, Aspex, Autoflex, bebe, Brooks Brothers, Chesterfield, Coach, Costa Del Mar, Dana Buchman, Disney, Dolce & Gabbana, EasyClip, Flexon, Fossil, J.LO, JOE Joseph Abboud, Kate Spade, Koali, Lilly Pulitzer, Marchon, Maui Jim, Nike, Nine West, Oakley, Original Penguin, Otis & Piper, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sight for Students, Silhouette, Ted Baker, Tommy Bahama, Tres Jolie ,Tura, Vera Wang, Vogue Eyewear, and more!!

Dr. Sullins has two offices, conveniently located in Madison and Huntsville. If you are in need of an excellent optometrist, for all your eye care needs, you can call either of his offices to set up an appointment. (Madison: 256.464.6670 | Huntsville: 256.880.1966)

For more information about Sullins Eye Care, please visit their website and social media sites:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Upcoming Events & Activities



19 (M) Martin Luther King Holiday

19 (M) Indoor Track, Martin Luther King Jr. Invitational, Birmingham, Alabama

19 (M) Varsity Wrestling, Dick Clem Invitational, Bob Jones High School, 8AM

20 (T) Basketball vs. MCHS, HOME, JVG/JVB-4:30PM, FB/VG-6PM, VB-7:30PM

21 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

22 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

23 (F) Basketball @ Huntsville, FB/JVG-4:30PM, JVB/VG-6PM, VB-7:30PM

23-24 Varsity Wrestling, Barry Mask Invitational, Cramton Bowl Montgomery, 9AM

24 (S) MS/JV Wrestling, Tournament, Bob Jones High School, TBA

27 (T) Archery, Buckhorn Middle School

27 (T) Basketball @ Hazel Green, JVG/JVB-4:30PM, FB/VG-6PM, VB-7:30PM

27 (T) 3-Week Progress Report

28 (W) Scholars' Team, County Competition 1, All Teams, Career Academy, 2:45-5:30PM

28 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

29 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

29 (TH) Basketball vs. Scottsboro, HOME, JVG/JVB-4:30PM, FB/VG-6PM, VB-7:30PM

31 (S) MS/JV Wrestling, Tournament, Scottsboro, TBA


2 (M) Basketball @ Austin, JVG-4PM, FB-4:30PM, JVB-5:30PM, VG-6PM, VB-7:30PM

2-6 National School Counseling Week

4 (W) Scholars' Team, County Competition 2, All Teams, Career Academy, 2:45-5:30PM

4 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

5 (TH) Archery, New Market Elementary School

5 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

5-9 VG/VB Basketball Area Tournament, TBD

6-7 Indoor Track, Alabama Indoor Track & Field State Meet, Birmingham, Alabama

6-7 Varsity Wrestling, Sectionals, TBA

7 (SA) ACT Test

10 (T) ACT WorkKeys Test

10 (T) Girls Soccer vs. Columbia, 6:30PM

11 (W) Scholars' Team, County Competition 3, All Teams, Career Academy, 2:45-5:30PM

11 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

12 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

12 (TH) Choir, Coffee & Cake Valentine's Showcase, TBA

13 (F) Varsity Scholars' Team, ASCA's District Tournament, TBA

13 (F) Teacher Professional Development (1/2 Day for Students)
13-14 Varsity Wrestling, AHSAA State Tournament, TBA

14 (S) King of Hearts Dance, BHS Cafeteria, TBA

16 (M) Presidents' Day Holiday

17 (T) Girls Soccer vs. Arab, 5PM

18 (W) Scholars' Team, County Competition 4, All Teams, Career Academy, 2:45-5:30PM

18 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

19 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

19 (TH) 6-Week Progress Report

24 (T) ACT WorkKeys Make-Up Test

24 (T) Archery, New Hope Middle School

24 (T) Girls Soccer @ Hazel Green, 4:30PM

25 (W) Scholars' Team, County Competition 5, All Teams, Career Academy, 2:45-5:30PM

25 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

26 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM


4 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

5 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

5 (TH) Girls Soccer @ MCHS, 5PM

6 (F) Scholars' Team, County Tournament, All Teams, Central Office, All day

6-7 Girls Soccer, River City Shoot Out, Hartselle, AL, TBA

7 (S) Outdoor Track, Red Coat Invitational, Bob Jones High School

7 (S) Varsity Scholars' Team, ASCA's Regional Tournament, Arab Junior High

7 (S) Military Ball

8 (Su) Choir, Chamber Choir Masterwork Performance with Huntsville Youth Orchestra

8 (Su) Daylight Saving Time Begins (Move clocks forward one hour)

9-11 Drama, Dress Rehearsals, "A Midsummer's Night Dream"

10 (T) Choir, State Choral Performance Assessment

11 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

11 (W) Girls Soccer vs. Florence

12 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

12-14 Drama Performance, "A Midsummer's Night Dream", TBA

12-13 Archery, Regional Championship, Buckhorn Middle School

13 (F) End of Grading Period

13 (F) Girls Soccer @ Gadsden City, 5:30PM

14 (S) Pi Day

14 (S) Outdoor Track, Huntsville Panther Invitational, Milton Frank Stadium

18 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

19 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

19 (TH) Report Cards

20 (F) Outdoor Track, Cullman Classic, Cullman High School

20 (F) Girls Soccer vs. Gadsden City, 5:30PM

23-27 Spring Break

28 (S) Outdoor Track, James Clemens Invitational, James Clemens High School

31 (T) Archery, Legacy Elementary

31 (T) Girls Soccer @ Huntsville, 4:30PM


1 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

2 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

2 (TH) Girls Soccer @ Lee, 5PM

3 (F) Varsity Scholars' Team, Sneed State Tournament, Sneed State College, All day

7 (T) Girls Soccer @ Grissom, 5PM

8 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

9 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

9 (TH) 3-Week Progress Reports

9-11 Choir, All-State Choir Festival

10 (F) Archery, State Championships, Montgomery, AL

10 (F) Varsity Scholars' Team, ASCA's State Tournament, Jefferson State C.C.

11 (S) Prom, VBC, 8PM-12AM

13 (M) 23rd Annual Hall of Fame Induction Banquet, North Hall, Von Braun Center

14 (T) Girls Soccer vs. Hazel Green, 4:30PM

15 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

16 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

16 (TH) Girls Soccer @ Florence, 4:30PM (*Early Release)

17 (F) Teacher Professional Development (1/2 Day for Students)

18 (S) ACT Test

18 (S) Outdoor Track, Huntsville Big Cat Invitational, Milton Frank Stadium

20 (M) Quality Core End of Course Testing Begins (Algebra I & English 10)

20 (M) Girls Soccer vs. Huntsville, 4:30PM

22 (W) Administrative Professionals' Day

22 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

23 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

23 (TH) Take Your Child to Work Day

24-25 Outdoor Track, Sectionals, James Clemens High School

28 (T) ACT Plus Writing (11th Grade), BHS, 8:30AM

29 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

30 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

30 (TH) 6-Week Progress Report

30 (TH) ELL ACCESS Testing Begins


1 (F) Alabama Alternative Assessment Online, All submissions are due by 5PM

1-2 Outdoor Track, State Meet, Gulf Shores, AL

2 (S) Read Across America

3-9 Teacher Appreciation Week

4-8 School Nutrition Employee Week

6 (W) School Nurse Day

6 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

7 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

7-8 Archery, National Championships, Louisville, KY

12 (T) ACT Plus Writing Makeup (11th Grade), BHS, 8:30AM

12 (T) Choir, Spring Concert, TBA

13 (W) FCCLA Meeting, Mrs. Webster's Room, 8:00AM

14 (TH) JOOI Club Meeting, Ms. Clements' Room. 8:05AM or 3:35PM

19 (T) Graduation Practice, VBC, 10AM (Mandatory)

19 (T) Graduation, VBC, 7PM

20 (W) Exams (1/2 Day)

21 (TH) Exams / Last Student Day (1/2 Day)

22 (F) Teacher Workday / End of School Year

25 (M) Memorial Day

28 (TH) Report Cards Mailed (Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope)

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Senior Announcements

Senior Yearbook Ads

NEW this year! Design your own senior ad!

Click HERE to purchase and design your senior yearbook ad.
EXTENDED! Deadline to buy/create senior ads: February 12, 2015

Class of 2015 - Senior Website

Please visit the senior website frequently for important information and up-to-date announcements:

Senior Activities Fee

Please see Mrs. Christina Phipps Krentel to pay your senior activity fees, $40 (cash only). These fees include the senior breakfast and the senior picnic.

Yearbook Sponsor - Mrs. Christina Phipps Krentel

Senior Sponsor - Mrs. Carrie Bates

Senior Counselor - Mr. Dan Schwanke

University Open House & Events

Auburn College of Architecture, Design and Construction

War Eagle Day Tours at 2:00 p.m. If students would like more information on CADC events, please visit:

University of Alabama University Days

February 2, 2015; February 16, 2015; March 9, 2015.

Students may register at

*Buckhorn students who are unable to attend a University Days event and would like to visit campus may schedule a campus tour or contact a recruiter for more information.

Jacksonville State University Annual Spring Preview Days

February 21, 2015 and April 11, 2015. Students may register at

Murray State University Racer Days Open House

March 11, 2015. Students may obtain more information at

Covenant College Campus Preview Weekends

March 26-28, 2015. Students may register online at

UAH Open House

April 11, 2015

Students may register online:

For more information call 256.824.2773 or email:

The Honors College will be holding information sessions at this event. The session will give prospective students all the information they need about the Honors College as well as the opportunity to meet current Honors students and Honors staff and take a tour of Honors College community housing in Frank Franz Hall. The deadline to apply is May 1st.

New York Film Academy Open House

Auburn DIG High School Leadership Conference

Auburn University College of Agriculture Recruitment Events

Vanderbilt University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions is preparing for the annual Vanderbilt Road Show. The Road Show travels to 48 cities across the country this August and September. Each 90-minute program typically features a media presentation led by Vanderbilt admissions officers, a question-and-answer session, and VU alumni, current students, or parents as guest speakers. Students will learn more about Vanderbilt’s unique campus, premier academic programs, the admissions process, and excellent financial aid programs. If Buckhorn students are interested: dates, locations, & other information can be found:

This program is geared toward junior and senior students, in particular. Students are asked to register in advance to help them plan appropriately for the event.

College Information

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is now available. If you need assistance in filling out the form, call Mrs. Irene Steele at the NACEE (North Alabama Center for Educational Excellence) 256-372-4600 to request a free consultation.

If you are planning to play sports in college, make sure you sign up on the NCAA or NAIA website.

The largest source of academic scholarships is from the specific colleges.

Most colleges have scholarship funds for students with particular skills and abilities as well as demonstrated academic evidence. Contact the financial aid office of your college or university to schedule an appointment. Be sure to ask for any lists of scholarships or other aid available to students.

2014-15 College Resource Guide

Provided by Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard’s District Office. Last updated in September, 2014. Please check with each scholarship contact for the most current information.

Scholarships & Special Programs

Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) Program

Application Deadline: January 14, 2015

Amount of Award: Varies

Scholarship Overview:

The Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) Program selects 1,000 talented students each year to receive a good-through-graduation scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice. The 2015 GMS Online Application is open until the Wednesday, January 14, 2015 11:59 pm EST deadline. For the complete list of eligibility criteria, click here.

Violet Richardson Award

Application Deadline: January 14, 2015.

Amount of Award: $500.00

Award Overview:

Each year the Soroptimist International of Huntsville solicits young women to apply for the Violet Richardson Award. The Violet Richardson Award is given to young women between ages of 14-17 whose leadership and volunteer activities make the community and world a better place. The club-level award is $500.00 and the award recipient becomes eligible for region‐level awards.
•Applicants must be young women 14 to 17 years of age as of December 1
•Applicants must be engaged in volunteer activity
•Soroptimists, Soroptimist employees, and the immediate families of both are ineligible. Immediate family is defined as parents, siblings and children by adoption, blood or marriage
•Previous award recipients are also ineligible
For questions, please feel free to contact:
Becky Hollis
SIA Huntsville VR Chair

Delta Sigma Theta Huntsville Alumnae Chapter Tuition Scholarship

Application Deadline: January 16, 2015.

Amount of Award: Varies

Scholarship Overview:

These awards are available to African American high school seniors attending any public or private high school within Madison County who plan to attend a fully accredited college or university in the continental United States as a full-time student. The scholarships are distributed on the basis of outstanding academic achievement (GPA 3.0 or above) and are for tuition only. The scholarship applications are available on our website at Go to the “FORMS” tab and click on “2014-2015 Scholarship Application Packet” to download the application. If you have questions, please send an email to

Young Women’s Art and Design Scholarships

Application Deadline: January 16, 2015

Amount of Award: Up to $40,000.00

Scholarship Overview:

Awarded by W.A.D.E., multiple awards up to $40,000. Application website Applications are available at

The point of contact is Sally Conn at

Redstone Arsenal Community Women's Club Merit Awards

Deadline: January 31, 2015

Amount of Award: Varies

Scholarship Overview:

These financial awards are available to graduating High School Seniors, College Students, and Spouses who are family members of the US Military and DoD Civilians whose primary residence is within the Redstone Arsenal Community (within a 50 mile radius), and who meet eligibility requirements. The 2014-2015 scholarship application is available at Contact the Merit Award Chair for further information:

AXA Achievement Community Scholarship

Application Deadline: February 1, 2015

Amount of Award: $2,500

375 winners. Apply early! Information and application at

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

Deadline: February 15, 2015

Amount of Award: $24,000.00

Scholarship Overview:

We are pleased to inform you that the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship Application is now available for review beginning October 15th, with the online application going live November 1st. Students may visit to learn more about the organization that The New York Times described as providing “what might be the educational effort in the country.” Each new JRF Scholar receives $24,000 over four years to attend a four-year accredited college or university. In addition to cash grants, JRF Scholars participate in our extensive, four-year program that includes: mentoring, leadership development, practical skill-building, internship and job counseling and placement, and a myriad networking opportunities. Over 1,400 JRF Scholars have been selected since the first awards were made in 1973. To learn more about the foundation and our program click here.

Enter the 8th Annual Create-A-Greeting-Card $10,000 Scholarship

Deadline: February 18, 2015

Amount of Award: $10,000.00 & $1,000.00 for your school

Contest Overview:

Design a greeting card and you could win a $10,000 scholarship plus, your entry will be made into a bona fide greeting card by the leading publisher of premium quality cards in the United States, The Gallery Collection. For more information, visit:

100 Black Men of America, Greater Huntsville Chapter

Deadline: March 1, 2015
Amount of Award: $1000.00 (10)

Scholarship Overview:
Scholarships are awarded annually to selected graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence and community involvement as they pursue a goal of higher education. Scholarships will be awarded to those who plan to attend an accredited two or four- year college/university or technical school as a full-time student beginning the fall of 2015. The scholarships are provided to individuals on an equal opportunity basis regardless of race, sex, creed, or religious preference. The scholarships are awarded in the amount of $1,000 per recipient. For additional information and application, please visit our website at You may also contact the scholarship committee chair for further information at

NEW! Alabama Conservation District Employees Association

Deadline: March 6, 2015

Amount of Award: $500.00

Scholarship Overview:

The Alabama Conservation District Employees Association awards six $500 scholarships to students who are residents of the State of Alabama and planning to enter college the summer or fall of the year 2015. One scholarship will be awarded in each of the Association’s six designated Areas. This scholarship can be used at the college of his/her choice. To be eligible, the applicant must be a U.S. Citizen, High School Senior, and living in the State of Alabama. The applicant should be active in student affairs and/or show leadership abilities, and must show reasonable financial need. The applicant must mail or bring the application to the Madison County Soil & Water Conservation District Office no later than 3:00 p.m. on March 6, 2015. Applications that do not have the proper documentation will be disqualified. On Monday, April 6th Area Scholarship winners will be announced. If possible, scholarship winners will be recognized at their high school awards day.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program

Deadline: Opens Mid-January - Ends Mid-March 2015

Amount of Award: Financial Support from the 8th grade through high school

Program Overview:

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program offers the most personalized, generous scholarship and educational support to exceptionally promising students from families across the nation who have financial need. Young Scholars receive comprehensive educational advising and financial support from the 8th grade through high school to pursue their unique academic and talent goals. The application period is open from mid-January to mid-March. Up to 60 Young Scholars are selected for this program each year. Final notification is in the early fall. Visit the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program Website for an application and more information.

Pro-Air, Pro-Earth Scholarship

Deadline: March 17, 2015

Amount of Award: $2000.00

Scholarship Overview:

Sponsored by Pro-Air Services, Inc. 7th annual scholarship opportunity for area high school seniors. The scholarship will be a $2,000.00 scholarship. It will be awarded to an area high school student who meets the following criteria:

  • Plan to attend a technical, two year or four year college upon graduation from high school.
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and/or a score equal to or greater than 24/1650 on the ACT/SAT.
  • Provide a written essay that defines a Pro-Earth person.
  • Provide our organization with Pro-Earth recommendations that can be implemented following being named the award recipient.
  • Mail completed essay and letter from high school guidance counselor (with contact information) certifying GPA/Test Scores and post secondary education plans to:

Pro-Air Services, Inc., C/O Pro-Earth Scholarship, PO Box 5054, Decatur, AL 35601

Post marked deadline for applicants will be March 17th, 2015. Winner of the Pro-Earth Scholarship to be named April 13th, 2015. For additional information or questions, please have your guidance counselor contact Jason Putman at or at (256) 353-4446 or (256) 858-8500

American Red Cross Youth Volunteer


Program Overview:

The American Red Cross Youth Services is a multi-faceted program for youth (15-17), offering many activities and courses for every age level. Youth programs build character and provide the tools and experience youth need for leadership, strong communication skills, and service. By interacting with those in need, Red Cross youth volunteers establish a sense of awareness and personal achievement while developing these skills. Online Application

SunTrust's 'Off to College' Sweepstakes

Deadline: Ongoing, September 15th through Mid-May
Amount of Award: $1000.00

Sweepstakes Overview:
The 2014-15 'Off to College Sweepstakes' will begin on September 15, 2014. High school seniors and current college students can win a $1,000 scholarship.

University of West Alabama BOSS Scholarship

Application Deadline: July 2015

Amount of Award: $8500.00 ( Renewable up to 4 years)

Scholarship Overview:

A grant awarded to UWA by the National Science Foundation will allow up to 8 students per year the opportunity to participate in a scholarship and mentoring program designed to help them achieve their academic and career goals. The University of West Alabama Biology Opportunities and Scholarships for Success (UWA BOSS) through funding from the National Sciences Foundation (NSF) aims to:

  1. To increase enrollment of academically talented undergraduate students majoring in biological and environmental sciences.
  2. To increase retention and graduation rates of students majoring in biological and environmental sciences.
  3. To increase the number of successful biological and environmental sciences graduates joining the workforce or graduate schools through support for career exploration and professional development opportunities.

For more information and application, visit:

ACHE Junior & Community College Performing Arts Scholarship Program

Deadline: Varies

Amount of Award: Varies

Scholarship Overview:

An award not to exceed in-state tuition only for attendance at public junior and community colleges in Alabama. Awards are based on demonstrated talent determined through competitive auditions. Awards are not based on financial needs.

This award is for full-time students attending public junior and community colleges in Alabama. Contact the financial aid office at any public junior or community college in Alabama to apply. Competitive auditions will also be scheduled as part of the application process. For more information, please visit their website.

Alabama Student Grant Program
Deadline: Varies

Amount of Award: Up to $1200.00 per year

Program Overview:

The Alabama Student Grant Program is an award of grant assistance at an eligible independent Alabama college or university and is not based on need. Up to $1200 per academic year with maximum amount available only when sufficient funds are available.
Who may apply?
Undergraduate students--both half-time and full-time--who are Alabama residents attending Birmingham-Southern College, Concordia College, Faulkner University, Huntingdon College, Judson College, Miles College, Oakwood College, Samford University, Selma University, Southeastern Bible College, Southern Vocational College, Spring Hill College, Stillman College, and the University of Mobile.
How to apply?
Applications are available from the financial aid office at the institution you plan to attend. Application deadline dates are printed on the application form.

ACT/SAT Announcements

ACT Results - Students can create an account at If a student has an existing account, he/she can log in to the account to check the state ACT testing scores. If you have questions, please e-mail

2015 ACT Test Dates & Deadlines

Test Date: February 7, 2015

Registration Deadline: January 12, 2015 | Late Fee Required: January 13–16, 2015

Test Date: April 18, 2015

Registration Deadline: March 13, 2015 | Late Fee Required: March 14–27, 2015

Test Date: June 13, 2015

Registration Deadline: May 8, 2015 | Late Fee Required: May 9–22, 2015

ACT Online Registration

ACT Test Prep

ACT Online Test Prep

Please Note: All current eleventh graders (Class of 2016) will take the ACT Plus Writing at BHS (free of charge) on Tuesday, April 28, 2015. The make-up date for the ACT Plus Writing assessment is scheduled for Tuesday, May 12, 2015. A username and password for online ACT test prep will be provided to all current eleventh graders prior to the ACT test in April. Date TBA. ACT study packets can be picked up in the guidance office.

Counselor Contacts: Mrs. Dee Gordon, Mr. Dan Schwanke, Mrs. Stephanie Wheeler

2015 SAT Test Dates & Deadlines

Test Date: January 24, 2015

Late Registration : January 13, 2015

* Deadlines expire at midnight, EDT (U.S.).

Test Date: March 14, 2015

Registration Deadline: February 13, 2015 | Late Registration: March 3, 2015

* Deadlines expire at midnight, EDT (U.S.).

Test Date: May 2, 2015

Registration Deadline: April 6, 2015 | Late Registration: April 21, 2015

* Deadlines expire at midnight, EDT (U.S.).

Test Date: June 6, 2015

Registration Deadline: May 8, 2015 | Late Registration: May 27, 2015

* Deadlines expire at midnight, EDT (U.S.).

SAT Online Registration

SAT Website

2014-15 Madison County Schools' Testing Schedule, All Grade Levels.

A Few Reminders: Rules & Regulations

Parents, or individuals acting in that capacity, are responsible for seeing that each student under his/her care and control follows school system policy and local school rules and regulations. It is also the responsibility of parents to know such policies, rules and regulations.

Car Riders

Students are NOT allowed to walk to Winchester Road to get in a car after school. ALL cars must pull onto campus to safely pick up car riders. Students who do not follow this rule will be suspended, per Mr. Markham. Thank you for helping us keep our students safe.

Outside Food

Please remember that it is Buckhorn High School's Policy to NOT allow any outside food to be delivered to the school during regular school hours. (This policy does not apply to a 'brown bag' lunch that is prepared at home and brought to school by the student).

Checking Student Out of School

It is Buckhorn High School's policy to NOT allow student check-outs after 3:15 p.m.

Only custodial parent(s) will be allowed to check a student out of school, unless the custodial parent(s) has specifically designated someone else to check the student out of school. School officials will keep accurate records as to whom, what time, and for what reason students are checked out of school. [MCBOE 2014-2015 Code of Conduct, page 21 of 32, Approved July 10, 2014]

Student Publications

The Board of Education authorizes school officials to allow students to have student sponsored publications within the school, and expects the administration to monitor such publications to the extent that disruptions do not result from the contents. Student publications are subject to and will be expected to meet standards associated with responsible journalism. The principal and student publication sponsor are responsible for the content of such publications.

Student publications not approved by the Principal are not allowed, and the Principal shall not allow distribution of publications without prior approval. A certified person shall be appointed to be responsible for supervising student publications, and shall report directly to the Principal in the production of such publications. [Madison County Board of Education 2014-2015 Code of Conduct, page 5 of 32, Approved July 10, 2014]

Media Coverage of School Events

Occasionally local news media visit schools in Madison County to do special reports or follow up on certain news events. As a part of their coverage they often film certain aspects of the school.

It is the principal’s decision whether to allow news media to come into the schools and cover certain events. Extra precautions are taken when the media is covering a sensitive topic or event that might have a negative impact on the school, staff and students.

Parents who have concerns about their child possibly being filmed or photographed by the media should contact the principal. Principals will make every effort to accommodate the wishes of the parent, but it should be understood that it is very difficult to foresee every possible situation that might occur from media coverage of the schools and school events. [Madison County Board of Education 2014-2015 Code of Conduct, page 5 of 32, Approved July 10, 2014]

You may access the complete 2014-15 Code of Conduct through this link:

2014-15 MCBOE Code of Conduct

Important Media Release Notification

This year, the Notice of Receipt encompasses all releases, including media coverage. In an effort to meet a parental request to NOT include your child's picture/name on any of our digital media platforms (i.e., the district/school websites, the Blue & Gold online newsletter, social media accounts, school broadcasts, online public service announcements, digital yearbook files, etc.), please complete the online form below, as soon as possible.

Click HERE if you do NOT want your child's picture/name published online.

If you have difficulty accessing/filling out the online form, please email Suzanne Sullins for assistance. Please include BHS Media Release as the subject of your email.

Daily Schedule

BHS Bell Schedule

The building will open at 8:00 a.m.

8:00 a.m. - 8:25 a.m. The cafeteria is open for breakfast to all students.

8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. First Block

10:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. Break

10:20 a.m. - 11:50 a.m. Second Block

11:55 a.m. - 1:55 p.m. Third Block

2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Fourth Block

3:15 p.m. is the latest time a student may be checked out.

The building will close at 4:00 p.m.

The building will be open on regularly scheduled school days from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Students arriving on campus before the first bell should be dropped off in the back of the building (near the big buck, 'Bucky') and report directly to the cafeteria. Students are not allowed to roam the building before the first bell. If a student needs to go to a teacher's room before the the first bell, arrangements must be made for a teacher to escort a student to his or her room. If a student is staying with a teacher after school, he/she must remain with the teacher until a parent or guardian picks him/her up. The building will close at 4:00 p.m. each day, so please make arrangements to have your child picked up before this time. *This does not include athletic practices or conditioning that require the use of the facilities.

2014-15 Breakfast Menus

Click this button to access the school breakfast menus.

2014-15 School Lunch Menus

Click this button to access the school lunch menus.

Pre-Pay for School Meals with PayPams

Click this button for more information about PayPams.

Helpful People & Links

2014-15 Madison County Schools' Calendar

Please be aware of the revisions that were made to this year’s calendar. This year's school calendar includes four half-days for professional development on September 26th, October 31st, February 13th, and April 17th. Students will attend the first half of the school day on each of these dates. Fall Break has returned this year and will be October 6th - 10th. We will also observe President’s Day on Monday, February 16, 2015. All other holidays/breaks remain the same as previous years.


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The Madison County School District does not discriminate in admission, treatment, or access to programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious preference, disability, age, gender, citizenship, non-English speaking ability, or homeless status. Students with disabilities will be provided with the same needed supports and services for extra-curricular programs and activities that are provided during the school day, unless doing so would fundamentally alter the nature of the program and activity.

Contact for Title IX and Section 504
Mrs. Anna S. Watts
Telephone: 256.852.2557 Fax: 256.851.2127
Email Address:

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