By: Jace Castillo

My race

People always assume I come from Mexico or I am illegal. I choose to ignore it, but hearing this almost every day makes me feel people say this to make fun of me, or just to judge me off my skin color. I will never let this change who I am, which is a non judgmental person. I choose not to judge someone by their race, we are all human beings and should not be judged or treated differently. Hearing those comments do not define me, they define the person saying them. I almost feel sorry for them because they are so ignorant. Possibly they are lacking love or much needed attention at home or maybe they were raised by an ignorant family. Now it will be up to them to change their own future.


In my free time I am very active, I play baseball, I train at the gym, and like to participate in outdoor activities. I believe being active and maintaining a positive attitude makes you a stronger person inside and out. People may say I can't do those things, just because of my appearance. I don't let these things bother me or get in my way. I believe that the closer you look the less you see. Like people always say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Income level

Money talks to you

Money defines you

Money dresses you

The cash I hold is what I wear

The cash I hold is the place I live

The cash I hold is if people think I'm poor or rich.

Money talks

Money defines

Money dresses

The cash I hold is not to heavy or too light

The cash I hold is just right

The cash I hold is not to impress

The cash I hold is to keep me in success.

Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars - Mirror (Clean w/ Lyrics)