Gregor Mendel

The father of modern genetics

Who is He?

Gregor Mendel had a tough childhood. He failed a lot in his life time and wasn’t recognized for his accomplishments until after he died. He is now known as the father of modern genetics, because he was one of the first people to study genetics.



  1. He was a smart, and gifted student in grade school

  2. He made good relationships with teachers.


  1. Failed failed his exam in college over 4 times

  2. Couldn’t find a job.

More Data

  • New ‘species’ can appear in the form of hybrids
  • Great difficulty exists in explaining why these hybrids gave rise to new hybrids
  • Whatever the mechanism of heredity, it involved both the male and the female.

This means that we can create new species with new traits, functions, and much more.


Many Scientists didn’t acknowledge his work until almost 35 years later. Nobody understood how the experiments with the pea plants could be applied to other organisms.

But after some time three scientists rediscovered his work and it helped them to dig further into their study of genetics.


Gregor Mendel helped build a foundation for genetic studied because he was the first person to really find successful data in researching genetics. His evidence worked as a guide for scientists trying to further understand the field of Genetics in the future.