Papa ʻEono

A Voyage of Epic Proportions

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Hoʻokahi ka ʻilau like ana.

Our ancestors, the ancient Hawaiians travelled across the Pacific and settled our homeland, the islands of Hawaiʻi. Similarly, each of you are now embarking upon a journey through middle school. Like the Hawaiians, this journey is made easier with the support of others. Here on campus, your advisory acts as your home away from home, the crew of your voyaging canoe, helping you to sail smoothly on the course that you have chosen. The ʻolelo noʻeau "Hoʻokahi Ka ʻIlau Like Ana" means "Wield The Paddles Together." Just like our ancestors, you will work together to keep your canoe moving forward on your journey.

A Race Across The Pacific

This school year, 6th grade will be participating in a race across the Pacific Ocean. Each advisory will represent the crew of a Hawaiian waʻa. Together through your actions, you will maintain the speed of your waʻa. Each individual in your advisory will contribute to the overall success of your voyage. Being in the lead will grant you certain bonuses each month such as special treats or a say in the activity that the grade level will participate in.

How Does This Work?

1. Name your waʻa: Your advisory will come up with a name for your waʻa. There are many well-known waʻa such as Hōkūleʻa, Makaliʻi and Hikianalia. Come up with a name to represent your waʻa and your advisory. You can look to the stars, place names, historical figures or other Hawaiian words to help come up with the name for your waʻa.

2. Color your sails: Each advisory will get to pick the color of the sail of their waʻa. This color will represent your advisory for the entire school year. Advisories will gather to reveal their colors at the end of the month of August.

3. Maintain your speed: Contribute to the speed of your waʻa by making good choices. Each individual will build up their speed in the following ways:

  • Parent Signatures: Daily Parent Signatures will earn two points in the first trimester and Weekly Parent Signatures will earn one point in the second trimester per student.
  • No "Oops Missing": Receiving no "Oops Missing" stamps in an upload period will earn two points per student.
  • Pauahi Dollars: Earning Pauahi dollars will earn one point per dollar earned.
  • Forms and Paperwork: Forms and paperwork turned in on time with parent signatures will earn one point per signature per student.

4. Avoid delays: Try to stay away from the following pitfalls that can slow your progress:

  • "Oops Missing": Receiving an "Oops Missing" stamp will subtract a point from your individual total per "Oops Missing" received.
  • Unsigned "Oops Missing": Each unsigned "Oops Missing" will subtract an additional point from your individual total per unsigned stamp.
  • Torn Pages: Any pages that are terribly damaged or removed from the planner in an upload period will result in the loss of an individual point per page damaged.
  • Forgotten Planner: A point will be subtracted for each day that a planner is forgotten at home.
  • Detention: Students will lose one point per hour of detention assigned.
  • ISS/OSS: Students will lose five points per day of suspension assigned wether in school or out of school.

Determining Your Speed

Advisors will check planners once per upload period. Once totals are added to the incentive tracker, waʻa speed will be calculated by finding the average of all of the point totals of the students in an advisory. These totals will be displayed each upload period and will be kept track of as the year progresses. The waʻa with the greatest speed will earn special bonuses such as treats for the advisory, the ability to select the incentive activity for the month, or the ability to choose the match ups for advisory challenges as well as many others that have yet to be revealed.