Feeling stressed? Need to Relax?

Reiki can help with that!

Teaching the world to love themselves

I am a Kundalini Reiki Master and Gold Reiki Master. I offer intuitive Reiki healing sessions, that can give me an idea of the state of your chakras, and how we can work together to balance them out. I offer the attunements and class for Kundalini Reiki and Gold Reiki Master certification. I also teach young adults and adults how to use the tools of meditation to improve your daily life. Finally I craft energetic devices called Organite. These devices are beautiful and functional. The device pulls in the life force, or chi, or prana (or whatever word you like to use) in, and cleanses the energy of the area. You can use these on your office desk or meditate with them.


I can come to you!

I have the ability to come to your home for a session or you can visit me at IONS Massage and Spa in Havre de Grace, MD.

Jeremy Betkey

I have lived in Bel Air since I was four years old, and I love Harford County. I have been through some ups and downs here, and not anymore than the next person. Just like an abundant amount of people in this fast-paced and chaotic society, I have battled with depression. I found no solace in doctors or the medications they thought would help, so I began to question “what does it take to, be happy?” Throughout the years I learned a lot about myself thanks to the love and support of my beautiful fiancé, and my soon to be stepson. My most important lesson came to me from a fit of rage and a fight with my freezer. First and foremost I learned I am not unbreakable, and secondly my emotions are my choice. So I made a promise to myself that day, that I would never let anything have power over my emotional state, but me. So I began to meditate on a daily basis and it has changed every part of my life, in ways I could never have imagined.

It has been a few years since that day, and meditation has guided me to my path as a healer. It may be strange to say, but meditation showed me how to see my past, present, and future more distinctly. It also showed me my own life and how to start living a more fulfilling and happy life.