The Quest

Volume 2, Issue 4

"The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers.” -Erich Fromm

PPCD3 math Station Tubs

Carol Falcon's PPCD 3-year-olds work in math stations after a brief whole-group session of planned, purposeful, play. During whole group time, Carol leads games and activities that address the prerequisites and foundational skills of designated Math standards. Then, students move into partnerships and spend the majority of their math time working in station tubs. Carol and Holly use this time to collect data, formatively assess students' understanding of each skill, and provide scaffolding and instruction to those requiring it. Click on the video clips below to see her students in action!
Falcon Math Station 1
Falcon Math Tub Video 2
Falcon Math Tub 3
Falcon Math Tub 4
Falcon Math Tub 5

Pre-K Math Station Reflection

Jan Mathis has her Pre-K students reflect on their math station tubs in two groups. Jan and Kellyn each sit with half the class and facilitate partners reflecting on what they learned and the use of Mathematical language. As the students rotate through stations, the groups change so that Jan has the opportunity to engage with every student in the class during reflection time. Splitting the students has increased time efficiency and student engagement during this part of the lesson!

Curriculum Update: Eduphoria Resources

Check out the resources for Reading and Math that are now housed in Eduphoria! To access them, simply go to Forethought and click 'Scope and Sequence', 'Elementary', 'Pre-Kindergarten', and then select the content area of either 'Reading' or 'Math'. Once you do this, the resources are available under 'Curriculum Overview' (see photos below).

Some things may find useful under Reading are:

  • Scope and Sequence documents
  • Components of Balanced Literacy that include student/teacher behaviors
  • planning templates
  • Mentor Lessons for Phonological Awareness instruction that include resource references to background information and research on each topic, ELL support, and specific lesson plans including lesson materials
  • Shared Reading book/standard alignment document
  • Story Menus

Also, lesson videos will be uploaded so that teams can see examples of Phonological Awareness standards being taught!

Some things you may find useful under Math are:

  • Scope and Sequence documents
  • Components of Balanced Math Instruction that include student/teacher behaviors
  • planning templates
  • Number Talks resources which will also include video examples of each day's assigned number talk (videos will be uploaded soon)
  • Problem Solving Posters for each strand
  • Sample Station photos for each strand

Having these documents together in Eduphoria will be helpful during collaborative planning and will support team discussions about instruction and differentiation. Feel free to click around and explore what has been added so far!

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Pre-K Assessment Window

The Nov. 30-Dec. 18 window for Pre-K Assessments will be extended until Jan 8'th so that final data can be entered on students that may have been absent this week and have not completed all components of the assessment.