Become a US Citizen today!

Are you eligible?

To begin your naturalization process, you must reach certain requirements. You must;

-Be at least 18 years of age

-Have a permanent residence in the US

-Be physically present in the US for 5 years

-Have good moral character

You must fill out an application. You will work with an attorney to fill out your forms, get two photographs of yourself that meet immigration service requirements (pose, lighting, size, etc.), and you will send your application, documents, and fees to the immigration service.

You will then receive an appointments from USCIS to have your fingerprints taken. They will also ask you to mail in any additional documents, if there are any.

You will then receive an appointment for an interview (DO NOT FORGET TO BRING IDENTIFICATION), where you will answer questions about your application and your background. You will take the English and Civics tests, and will later receive a decision.

Once you receive your decision and are eligible to become a US Citizen, you will take the oath of allegiance. At the ceremony, you will return you Permanent Resident Card and answer questions about what you have been doing since you first acquired your Permanent Resident Card. You will then take your oath and become a US Citizen.

So ask yourself, do YOU have what it takes to become a US Citizen?