Operation Torch

Amanda Hill

Main Idea

Operation Torch was the name of the invasion of French North Africa, by the Allies. It took place on November 8 - 11, 1942. It was the first time that The United States and Britain worked together to make an invasion plan.

The Task Forces

The western task force was to land in Casablanca. The task force had 35,000 troops. It was led by George Patton. The central task force landed at Oran. It consisted of 18,500 men and was led by Lloyd Fredendall. The 3rd task force was the eastern task force that was landing in Algiers. The eastern task force was led by Ryder and he commanded 20,000 men.

George Patton

George Patton commanded the west task force. The task force was made out of 35,000 troops. His main target was to capture Casablanca. He is concerted to be one of the most successful combat generals.

Strategies for the Battle

The reason that Algeria and Morocco were attacked was so that we had a base close to Germany. It was a big step in getting started on the war in Europe. The goal was to have another military base close to Europe. Britain and The United States of America attacked at 3 different points so that they could divide and conquer.

The Outcome of Operation Torch

The Allies "won", gaining the bases that they wanted. After the landings, Germany sent troops to the unoccupied part of France and Tunisia.

What was Learned by the Allies

The Allies learned that when landing air craft that they need to be more careful, because of the way they landed the crafts they damaged some. This played a big part in how they landed everything at D-Day.