Ernest Hemingway

The Life and Legacy

Ernest Hemingway was an early American Novelist born on July 21, 1899 in Chicago. He is most famous for his economical writing style, which he successfully perpetuated through his published writings, including seven novels, six short story collections, and two non-fiction pieces.

After high school, Hemingway enlisted as an ambulance driver in World War One after a short period as a journalist. His service noticeably influenced his writing. Through his life, he had four wives. He died on July 2, 1961, from his own suicide.


Acording to the scholar Frederic Svoboda, the majority of themes present in Hemingway's works, both pulished and unpublished are love, war, wilderness and loss. Perhaps the most well known work of Hemingway is "The Old Man and the Sea," which provides a good illustration of his concise and metaphorical writing style.