Current Event

May 3, 2013

Snow in May!

When: May 2-3, 2013; May 3, 2013- when the article was published

Where: Across the USA, mostly in the Midwest

Who: Mother Nature and the people of the Midwest

What: There is a snowstorm in May. It's all over across the Midwest; while in California, there are wild fires! This is a record breaking snowstorm. In some places there is up to over 14 inches of snow! This snowstorm is even going down as far south as Arkansas; they are having their first snowfall in May ever! In Colorado there has been up to 28.2 inches of snow!

How: This majorly affects us because we just had very warm weather and then it snow. There was already flowers and buds on the trees. I think this affects us because we were having such good weather and then it's basically winter again. We have been having a really bad spring so far!

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