Illuminaty confirms Illuminaty!?!

Were the cospiracies correct?!

The Illuminati comes out of the shadows

On 20XX 11 in September, there was an interview with president donald trump about the Illuminaty secret group. at first he laughed and told us we were crazy. but the we told him about all the proofs. the doritos, the celebrities doing triangles, the fact that people dissapear when they go to barmuda TRIANGLE. So he finally said that the Illuminaty IS infact, real. all of the evidance points towards it. their base is inside the barmuda triangle, and no one gets out, cuz they would see their base and tell the others. he also said that all of the presidents, are infact, lizardmen in disguise.

The future of our world

well, donald trump, or "lizard code mony" he didnt say too much about what the illiminaty is after, and what are they going to do next. but he did say: "the future is closing in on us, my human friends. il tell you ine thing that is sure to happen; the angel shall decesnd from the heavens and bring us freedom. from what you ask? youl just have to wait and guess now wont you?..."