Olympic and Paralympic Cycling

Cycling events in the Games

Since the success of both the para and able-bodied teams cycling has become arguably our best sport in the games. It has also had a soar in popularity in the UK. Olympic cycling consists of four events which are track, road, BMX and Mountain biking while the paralympic cycling is just road and track. Tactics, strategy, stamina and raw speed play a part in these events. If you would like to know more about the history of any events in the Olympics or Paralympics go to the 2012 click on sports and select the sport your interested in.

About the Events

The various events have being held in several locations around the south of England. The track cycling is in the velodrome, the BMX in the park, the road race and time trial around surrey and the Paralympic equivalent in Kent. GB enjoyed success on the road and track in what was the most successful games for over a century.