Hands-on in the Kitchen Event

Sheridan Study Center

Menu planning, quick and easy healthy meals

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Sheridan Study Center Event

Sunday, March 13th, 5-8pm

2011 Sheridan Street

Houston, TX

We are organizing an event where we can teach and inspire you to learn professional, hands-on kitchen skills for personal and family wellness and enjoyment. We will enjoy what we prepared and each other's company! Please feel free to pass this on to any other friends of yours, but make sure to RSVP ( Deanna Lober <dee.lober@gmail.com> ) as soon as possible, spaces are limited.

Hope to hear from you!

Meeting Agenda

Hands-on in the kitchen lessons from professional chefs.

Take notes and critique your work by tasting it.

Visit and enjoy each other's company and the food.

Go home and apply what you learned.

Let's cook...

The right way,

The healthy way,