Egyptian Culture

Multimedia Scavenger Hunt

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Answer the questions below and collect knowledge about Egyptian life and culture!

You will be given a series of missions that you must complete to answer the questions and complete the activities below.


*Complete each mission all the way through.

*The questions are not in order of the missions that are listed and also more than one question or activity can come from a single mission.You never know what information you will get from them!

*All the information comes from the missions. Except for the first one, there should be no reason to look at outside sources.

Complete these activities and questions in your notebook.

1. What's the first organ to be removed during the mummification process?

2. How was man created according to Egyptian belief?

3. How much limestone was used to build the Pyramids of Giza?

4. Why did they bury personal items with the dead?

5. Who was Osiris and Isis? Compare and contrast the images of how these gods were illustrated in the video with how they were shown in the animation by sketching them into your notebook and writing a couple sentences about how they are similar or different.

6. What does the symbol under the title of this activity mean?

7. Why did the dead need to be preserved?

8. What was used to perfume the body during mummification?

9. What was the order of the world called according to the Egyptians? What was the symbol they used to represent it?

10. What Egyptian god does Kha look like?

11. What is special about the jars the organs go into?

12. Spell Ramose's name in hieroglyphs.

13. What happens if Ramose is not embalmed correctly?

Mission 1: Look up these terms online and define them in your notebook.









Mission 2: Watch an animation on the Egyptian Creation Story.

Mission 3: Watch a video on Egyptian culture and religion.

Ancient Egypt - National Geographic

Mission 4: Learn about Egyptian burial practices by playing this interactive game!

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Mission 5: Art Project - Create your own hieroglyphs!

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Using your piece of parchment paper, create your own hieroglyphic wall by translating your name into heiroglyphs.

Use these websites to help you.

Mission 6: Take this short easy quiz and then you're done!

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