3rd Grade News

Summer 2019

Finishing Up the Year! (Important Dates)

  • Tuesday, May 21 - 3rd Grade Awards @ 9:00am
  • Wednesday, May 22 - Yearbook Signing
  • Thursday, May 23 - Multiplication Movie Reward
  • Friday, May 24 - Last FULL Day / Career Day / Spark Walk
  • Monday, May 27 - NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)
  • Tuesday, May 28 - NO SCHOOL (Teacher Work Day)
  • Wednesday, May 29 - End of 4th 9 Weeks / 4th 9 Weeks Report Cards / Last Day of School (2-hr Day)

Important Dates for Next School Year!

  • Saturday, August 3 - Back to School Bash
  • Tuesday, August 6 - First Day of School (2-hr Day)
  • Wednesday, August 7 - No School (Teacher Work Day)
  • Thursday, August 8 - First FULL Day

Stay Safe this Summer!!


Read the following tips to your child to help them stay safe this summer!

  • Take a friend with you wherever you go.
  • Know your full name, address, telephone number, and your parents' names.
  • If you ever get lost in a public place, talk to someone in charge right away.
  • Before taking anything from anyone, even from someone you know, check with your parents first.
  • Check first with your parents before you get in a car with someone.
  • Say no if someone tries to treat you in a way that makes you confused or scared, and let your parents know right away.
  • Talk with your parents about which online activities are safe and which are not.
  • Use a "buddy" system when going swimming and always make sure an adult is watching.
  • Always cross the street at a corner or crosswalk. Look both ways before crossing.
  • Whenever you ride in a car, ride in the back seat and buckle up.

Have a safe and fun summer!

Keep Up Your Skills



  • Continue to get on iReady Math! Students may access iReady throughout the summer (up until mid July). Go through the Blackman website, student resources, and clever.
  • You may also download the app Door24 on ipads or iphones. This app allows students to work on math fluency - knowing addition, subtraction, multiplication & division facts. (This app is only available on apple products for now.)
  • Mobymax Fact Fluency can help your child with studying their multiplication facts to keep up with them for 4th grade.

Science / Social Studies

  • Brainpop / Brainpopjr.: Watch educational videos/take quizzes by going through the Blackman website, student resources, and clever.
  • Studyjams is a great site that has videos and quizzes about several different science topics. http://studyjams.scholastic.com/studyjams/index.htm
  • Read "Who Was/Is" or "What Was/Is" books about important people and events in history. There is also a Netflix series titled "The Who Was Show" that goes along with the books.
  • Learn about US History by visiting museums or famous monuments if possible.

Family Fun in Murfreesboro, Smyrna & Nashville

  • Murfreesboro Parks & Rec. has many events and summer camps for the whole family to attend. Click the link to see what's going on around you!
  • Smyrna is right around the corner. Check out their parks and rec site for information on fun events to attend as well!



  • Students should be reading for 30 minutes a day.
  • Students should be practicing multiplication facts daily.
  • iReady Math & Mobymax can be used at home (even in the summer).
  • You (students and parents) can click on the link below (Blackman Sparks Learning Channel) to learn new skills or review old ones as practice for the upcoming school year!

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