Senior School Update

Week 35 Monday 11 April 2016

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Senior School Staff News

Diploma Update: This is Senior Week and the Grade 12's last week of formal lessons. Please expect students in all your classes except for Friday 15 April when students will be busy preparing for farewells and the Leaver's Assembly.

Senior Week Update: Farewell to Grade 12 the Class of 2016. This document as a snapshot of activities for Seniors Week 11-15 April 2016. The goal is to have lighthearted fun in an atmosphere where everyone feels valued, relaxed and happy.

Recruitment Update: With Tara Hasan returning to study next year and taking up a full time teaching load, the Senior School Team was looking for a new Wellbeing Coordinator. We are delighted to welcome Mr. Christopher Watts as the Senior School Wellbeing Coordinator 2016-17 as he brings a wealth of knowledge from his background in business and science. His approachable, calm, affirming communication style will complement our team's visible wellbeing focus as he builds upon the foundations laid.

MYP Update: Here is the latest information delivered in SS Tutor time to students and sent home to parents this week. G10 E Assessment Examinations 2016

Senior School Students of Concern: If you are noticing any changes in a student's mood, behaviour or ability to manage minor setbacks, please do not hesitate to reassure them that we are all here to help. Listening is the best reassurance and then, let them know you want to help by referring the concerns to their SS Tutor or SS Head of House. Latest letter to parents is here: SS Visible Wellbeing-scaffolding for academic excellence

Senior School Tutor Time: Welcome to Mr. Neil Hodgens who is taking over as Fire House SS Tutor while Helen Shead is on maternity leave.

Academic Performance data for all students: SELECT

ISF Academy Calendar for 2016/7(18/12/2015 version): SELECT

      • 8/8 SMT start 9/8 SLT / PLT start 10/8 New staff & post holders start

      • 11-12/8 Returning teachers August 15-16/8 Teacher work days

      • Edited highlight of calendar and new teachers for 2016-17: SELECT

How can we operationalize the Academy's 8 Virtues Plus 1 & the IB Learner Profile everyday?

Senior School Events, Tutor Time and the SS Student Planner

To keep you up-to-date with Senior School Events, Tutor Time and the SS Student Planner, please click the link: Senior School Events & Tutor Calendar

What went well last week in Senior School ...

This week in Senior School...

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The final week of formal lessons for the Class of 2016

Grade 12 Teachers wear school uniform on Friday 15 April

The Class of 2016 Grade 12 Teachers' Appreciation Breakfast Friday 15 April starts at 8.00am in the DP Study Area. In keeping with tradition, all Grade 12 teachers wear school uniform. Lockie will contact you if you are a new Grade12 teacher and need a navy school polo. The Grade 12's will host the breakfast and they are looking forward to making you welcome. If you are teaching in Block 1, please ask your faculty to help you attend by taking your class for you as cover cannot be arranged for this event.

Secondary Ling Xiu Induction, HOUSE Cup and Leavers' Assembly on Friday

Here are the details for Secondary Ling Xiu Induction and Leavers' Assembly Friday 15 April:

12.40pm (Lunchtime) and 1.25pm Block 4 rehearsals for:

  • 2015-16 LX and the new 2016-17 LX Team
  • Academy Choir and Academy Band
  • Attendance Lists are here: LX & MUSIC Students

2.10pm All students and their teachers move into the Gym

Seated in HOUSES no later than 2.15pm, please

2.10pm Grade 12 teachers in school uniform are part of the academic procession & meet in the Music Room (no robes)

Here's what is happening in SS Tutor Time

Farewell G12 Metal!

Senior School visible wellbeing and academic resilience

Our wellbeing goals are to continue to affirm our students through letting them know that we have every confidence in them to do well in the exams, that they are valued whatever the outcome and that they are more than their score. Affirming. Calm. Purposeful.

If you notice any changes in a student's behaviour (lateness, grooming, meeting deadlines, disorganisation, homework) please respond kindly to them and help them to find appropriate support. The Senior School Tutors and Heads of House are all ready to help, so please refer students immediately. Here is the latest letter to parents : SS Visible Wellbeing-scaffolding for academic excellence

Diploma Examination Updates

This is the latest information sent to parents: G12 Final Days, Examinations & Graduation Update

Heads of Subject have the latest information on familiarisation of students with examination booklets and the use of calculators.

University Careers and Guidance

Please visit the Higher Education blog for the latest news

Senior School ELP II accompanying teachers

G9 & 10 Water Cambodia

David Emery Leader

Sean Moran Bob Scheer, May Choi

G9 & 10 Fire & Earth Thailand

Mark Jobling Leader

Stella Zhu, Brendan Kilbane, Megan Aleven

G9& 10 Wood & Metal Yangshuo

Renee Badaracco Leader

Tara Hasan, Gavin Fausset, Tao Wei