Drinking age

should it be lowered to 18 or stay the same 21?

Have you drunk under the age limit?

Have you ever wondered how many high school kids drink and drive this is the answer to your question. A survey in 2005 asked kids between 9th and 12th grade if within a month before the survey if they were drunk while they drove. For 9th grade 28% of them drank and drove. For 10th 28% percent also drank and drove. The same for 11th grade that drank and drove. In 12th it wasn't that much more but still more they had 30% of the 12th graders drank and drove(Driving parks). Now ask your self this, were you one of the kids in 9th to 12th grade to drink and drive in any year?

Driving under the influence

Driving is dangerous as it is, an estimated 5,419,00 car crashes a year. Fatal car crash estimate is 32,885 per year and injuring 2,239,00 (Google). Driving under the influence is even more dangerous. It is estimated every 53 seconds some one in America dies because of drinking and driving (Google). In 2011 9,878 people died in a car crash while being drunk. Drunk driving is a real problem in the world. Cut back on alcohol use while driving. Or you could be one of these people who dies.(Google)

Alcohol fact's need to know

Have you ever wondered why you feel so depressed when you drink alcohol? Well the reason you feel depressed is because alcohol is the number one depressant in the world. Except for caffeine. The breathalyzer checks the toxicity in your breath. Also alcohol is not digested instead it is absorbed into the blood stream instead of being digested.(Elaine)

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