Gerner Cub News

December 15-19, 2014

Quality Tools

Donation from Former ECSE "Bright Beginnings" Family

Dear Dr. Currey,

Please accept our donation to the Gerner Family Early Education Center in the amount of $500. Our son attended the program many years ago when it was known as Bright Beginnings. We've always been very appreciative of the hard work, support, and patience the teachers and staff gave to our son (and us). We still use many of the strategies they taught us so long ago. Quite a few stand out to us and will always be remembered - Mary Dagley, Jennifer Adair, Nancy Arnold, Sarah Mai, Elisa Parker, Allison Dawson, Janet Culver, and Diane Henderson. Though long overdue, we wanted you to know how grateful we are that our son received such a strong and positive start to his education.

Signed, the parents (shared with the staff)

The staff members mentioned above who still work at Gerner will work together to determine how the $500 will be spent for students in the ECSE program.

What a wonderful kudos for our staff!

New Playground Schedule

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Lunch Schedule

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Applebee's Restaurant

Students in Mrs. Powell's class have been taking orders at Applebee's in their house area. Next week students will be planning their new grocery store! She used a visual menu for students to help practice taking orders. Super work, Mrs. Powell!
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Mathematics work in the Construction Zone

Students in Mrs. Young's class have been measuring, identifying numbers, and planning new roads in their block area! Great way to incorporate mathematics in the block area, Mrs. Young!

Gerner Center Cookbook - Selling NOW!

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The PTA is now selling the Gerner Center Cookbook. Students, parents and staff members submitted recipes and it's finally here! They are available for purchase for $10. Order forms went home in backpacks today. Please turn the order forms into the office each day, so PTA can fill the orders to send home with students. We want to make sure parents have them in time for the holidays, in case they are giving any as gifts. The deadline to receive orders prior to winter break is TUESDAY PM for ECSE/Title I and THURSDAY for Tuition Preschool.

Please make sure to boost these up with your parents! We are still raising funds for SMART boards and are now raising funds for next fall's field trip to the Apple Orchard for ECSE/Title I families.

Cub Kudos

PTA would like to thank everyone who volunteered for the Parent’s Night Out. It was a success for our first time and we appreciated everyone’s patience in the crazy times! Trial and error!! ~PTA Executive Board

Kudos to Sylvia Cassady, Shirley Kerr, & Shirley Terrannella for staying late Wednesday night to help out in the late room with all of the extra students when they saw help was needed! Way to support your colleagues! ~Angie C

The office ladies would like to give a Cub Kudos to Natalie for covering in the office for us during Thanksgiving and Christmas Break! ~April, Angie and Mandi

The office ladies would also like to Thank Leah for always offering to help when she has down time. We truly appreciate it! ~ April, Angie and Mandi

Diana ~ Kudos for coming up with such a great idea for our high needs students for our next night. She thought about a "sponsorship" plan where staff or other parents could sponsor other parents to have a "PNO" during a PTA event, so their child could still attend. Definitely in the plans for our next event! ~Angie C