Social Studies

Info from Semester


To be passionate is to have feelings for something. It is your drive to finish or do something. If you are passionate about something you enjoy it and you have a drive to do it. I have a passion for trapping,hunting,football,4-wheeling and fishing.

Proactive steps for success

  1. Be there
  2. Monitor your progress
  3. Stay organized
  4. Have good communication with teachers and your fellow students.

Learning styles

A learning style is a unique approach to learning based on weaknesses and strengths. My learning style is Tactile. I'm a hands on person.

Multiple Intelligences

My multiple intelligences are ...

  • Logical Mathematical-44%
  • Spatial-42%
  • Tactile-42%

Multiple intelligences are a students academic strengths.

Memory boosters-Graphic organizers/acronyms

To boost your memory you can use graphic organizers like these...

  • venn diagram
  • compare/contrast map
  • T-chart

And acronyms help you memorize a handful of info in a short phrase or statement.

Note taking strategies

Note taking strategies that save time and space on your paper include...

  • KWL
  • graphic organizers
  • Cornell notes
  • Abbreviation
  • Summarizing
  • And highlighting,underlining and using bullets are some other ways to take better notes

Studying Habits

Good study habits will help you get or keep your grades up like.

  • flashcards
  • Studying for test week in advance
  • Take quick 5-10 minute breaks every 30 minutes of studying.
  • use repetition to memorize info for a test or quiz
  • Write the info, say the info and do it again then take a break and revisit it later.