Bling by Zing

In Home Parties and Custom Rhinestone Apparel

Welcome to the Bling It Sisters!

Bling It Sisters (Amy & Kris) are independent consultants for Zing. We LOVE this job! It's so much fun, it doesn't feel like work!

Zing is a dynamic, custom rhinestone apparel company that specializes in applying "Bling" to clothing and accessories during in-home parties and at other special events. We believe that you can take something ordinary from your closet and make it amaZING by adding some bling!

Whether your are sassy, creative, independent or confident, you are a one-of-a-kind. Why not do something unique to show off that individuality? Zing offers a great way to save money, spice up your wardrobe, and freshen up your life. Zing's specialty is adding bling to your favorite clothing. No need to spend $60 - $100 or more on new rhinestone clothing at retail stores.

Samples of Our Awesome Bling:

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Bling It Sisters

Kris Epps-Martinez (402) 639-0499 or

Amy Rolle (402) 709-9182 or

Location in LaVista and Papillion, Nebraska