Week of October 12, 2020

Norcross Bands Newsletter

Mark Your Calendar

Tuesday, October 13 - Wind Symphony Brass ONLY 4:30-5:15PM

Tuesday, October 13 - MB Rehearsal 5:30-8:00PM

Thursday, October 15 - Wind Symphony Woodwinds ONLY 4:30-5:15PM

Thursday, October 15 - MB Rehearsal 5:30-8:00PM

The percussion and guard will start each rehearsal at 5:00, making their weekly rehearsals 5:00 – 8:00.

Upcoming Dates NEW INFO:

Marching Band Showcase AND Middle School Night will be held November 2nd at 6:00PM

Announcements and News

Message from the Directors

It was a short but productive week. We have made some terrific progress both in class and at our after school rehearsals.

Congratulations to Sean Zhong, Jonah Wu, and Jordan Katz for making it to the next round in the Governors’ Honors Program selection process!!!

Also, please make sure to look over the schedule for next week.

Marching Band Absence Notification

From now on, please notify of us of ALL absences via this google form: https://forms.gle/366dmJZHSAzxr4DD9

Online Fruit Fundraiser with Florida River Groves

Our no-contact Student Fundraiser is underway. Here are some important details:

  • The sale is entirely online
  • Orders ship directly to any address in the U.S. for a flat shipping rate of $6.95 per box.
  • Two delivery dates are available in November and Early December to be chosen by the purchaser.
  • Sales are tracked by participants – 50% of each sale goes into the student’s account.
  • Digital brochures are attached for emailing to friends, family, coworkers, church, neighbors, etc. with instructions on how to order and a direct link to our online website
  • Print off the Student Handout, fill in your student’s name, and distribute. Post then to the bulletin board at church, put them in mailboxes, give them to anyone likely to support our fundraiser, etc.

Supporters may place an order by:

1) Going to FruitSale.com
2) Selecting "Order Now"
3) Entering your groups ID number, 873255 or

4) Using this link to order: https://shop.floridaindianrivergroves.com/ecommerce/873255

Remember: It may take multiple attempts to make a sale. Please reach out and to follow up by phone, email, text, and social media. The more you reach out, the more sales you will make, and the more money you will earn.

Concession Stands Volunteers

We need you!

Volunteer at our Home Football Games in the Concession Stands. This is one of the Norcross Bands' leading fundraisers, and we can not do it without the help of our amazing parents and supporters.

If you're able to volunteer, please signup on Charms.

NEW TIMES AVAILABLE Marching Band Rehearsal Screen-in Helpers/Chaperones

We are looking for parents to help us make our screen-in process more efficient! 4:30-5:30pm before every rehearsal. If you are able to stay and help chaperone, that would also be awesome, but not necessary! Sign up below!


SCRIP Gift Card Fundraiser

You can still add money to your student's account via SCRIP gift cards! If you have a ShopWithScrip account, you can order plastic and e-cards at any time. Plastic gift cards will be ordered once a month, and you'll get an email when your order is in.

Publix and Ingles Gift cards: email nhsbandscrip@gmail.com. We will let you know the next band rehearsal we will be at for payment and pickup.

Specials: We have these cards for immediate payment and pickup:

  • Home Depot - 7% cash to your account
  • Best Buy - 5%
  • Chipotle - 13%
  • Domino's - 12%

Email nhsbandscrip@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these specials!

Instrument Bell Covers and Bags

In order to add an extra layer of protection we are asking that as parents/guardians you look into making bell covers/bags depending on the instrument your student plays. Please follow the link for more info. http://www.unitedsound.org/mask

Join the Norcross Band Parents Facebook Group

Join our community of parents and alumni so we can share pictures, information, and answer each other's questions.

Home Football Game Plans

  • We have been working closely with our school administration on what home games will look like.
  • The marching band will be sitting on the Visitor side of the stadium closest to the concession stand on that side of the field.
  • We will have the space needed for students to sit 6ft apart side to side and to leave one row in between each section.
  • Students will wear their band mask in the stands.
  • The area will be roped off so that social distancing can be enforced. Fans will not be allowed to walk in front of the band.
  • We will not have water coolers in the stands this year. Students will need to bring their own water. Also, eating is still prohibited in the stands.
  • We will be the only performing ensemble at football games. This allows us to use the entire 20 minutes of half time.
  • This means we can wait 5 minutes to allow the air on the field to settle before setting up to perform.
  • It also allows us enough time to perform and then let the air settle for the teams to return to the field.
  • If you have not been to a football game, there is ample space between the playing field and the stands for safely performing.
  • Our stadium holds 8000 spectators. This year only 2400 tickets are available. Out of those 2400 tickets the band, concession stand volunteers, coaches, etc. will also be counted.
  • Basically, out of 8000 seats available only 2000 seats are being made available to the general public. The vast majority of those tickets will be to our home crowd which will be seated on the opposite side of the field from the band.
  • The marching band will move to the field a little earlier than normal to avoid any possible crowds as we go to our seats.
  • When we march down to the field, the parade block will be spread out to ensure social distancing. It will look different but still be effective to get students pumped for the game and keep everyone safe!
  • The band will not warm up next to the field before half time but instead make use of the space behind the bleachers on the visiting side and the baseball field where normal marching rehearsals take place.
  • Each student that requires a plume and gauntlets will receive those before the game and turn them back in after their performance.
  • This will cut down on time needed to exit the stands and interaction with other individuals.
  • Parent volunteers will wear mask and gloves to distribute materials before games and after performances.
  • In the away bleachers we will have access to two sets of stairs. This will keep the line moving as the band enters and exits the stands to maintain social distancing.
  • For third quarter breaks band students can pre order boxed meals. Students will have the option to return to the stands to cheer on the team or eat spread out next to the bleachers.
  • Did we mention that we would be wearing mask in the stands?

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