Kindergarten Library News

Week of August 25, 2014

Off to a great start!!

Welcome to a new school year at CCE! I have really enjoyed getting to see some familiar faces from preschool last year and to meet all the new Kindergarteners when they visit the library.

This week the Kindergarten students and I enjoyed reading Mr. Wiggle's Book by Paula Craig and Carol Thompson. Mr. Wiggle taught us all about taking care of library books and we have all agreed to be "book buddies".

Each week the students in Kindergarten visit the library and are able to borrow books from the collection. We have started out using only the Everybody books (picture books) and as we become more comfortable using the library we will begin to move into the nonfiction section as well. They are all so wonderful and excited to read and find books. It has been a very exciting start to the year!

Please note the day your child has library and return the book with your child on that day (or any day before library day) so they can check out a new book during class. It is hard for the younger ones to understand when they can't get a new one. I limit them to one at a time in order to keep things simpler for you at home but am always willing to lend more if you want to stop by after school with your child.

Please let me know if you have any questions at any time during the year!

Jenny Brenner

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