~ Classroom Connections ~

5th Grade ~ Mrs. Rybicki

Curriculum Happenings

MATH: We are currently on Chapter 2 decimals and comparing them to fractions, whole numbers, rounding, estimating, and using place value.

Again - Any practice at home on this or simply reviewing multiplication would be so beneficial! :)

SCIENCE: Water Cycle - don't be surprised if they come home singing a song! :)

SOCIAL STUDIES: We began European Exploration, students will learn more about the adventures of Marco Polo, Prince Henry, Vasco da Gama, Bartholomeu Dias, just to name a few.....

WRITING: How to use text evidence in your writing to support your thoughts or opinion. Next writing project will be a biography, which we will begin after Christmas break.


~ Taking a closer look at AESOP's Fables and discovering the moral of the story / lesson learned.

~ Pulling out main ideas, supporting ideas, and connecting personal ideas.

TYPING: Here is the link to the typing website we use at school.


Students have started to practice typing with home row a few weeks ago. It is imperative that they become successful typing with good accuracy first, and then build up their speed. Feel free to have students work on the is at home and practice home row. In the future we will be publishing writing, creating research projects, and taking state tests, all of which will require typing.

Class Due Dates

Every Monday: Reading Logs w/ parent signature

Every Friday: DAILY 3 assignments - all work is done at school, unless taken for hmwk.

Every Day: Every student is responsible for taking home what they did not complete at school for homework, and is due back the following day.

January 22: FINAL DEAR points - everyone's goal is 40 points

School Reminders

Class Party - December 17th - 2:00 - 3:00

Polar Express Day - December 18th

Hat Day

Friday, December 18th, 1.00 donation for hat

Band Concert December 10th

No School

Don't forget we will not have school December 21 - January 1

January 22nd - End of 2nd Quarter - FINAL DEAR POINTS are due

REPROT CARDS - January 29th

Helpful Student Resources

Math website - very helpful for tips and examples: www.mathsisfun.com

Typing - http://www.kidfriendlysearch.com/Typing.htm

School Website - http://www.byroncentercharter.org/

Needed school supplies for our classroom


Paper towel

Paper Plates

Plastic spoons

Paper Plates


DEAR - Our classroom reading program -

Each student is required to read 100 minutes per week outside of class, if that is truly done at home, then student's should have no problem obtaining their reading goal.

~Can a student use a book from home or the library? YES :)

~Do students need to conference with their teacher? YES, twice for every book....

1.) when they check it out 2.) after completing the comprehension sheet

(found in classroom, chosen by student)

~Where are student's points tracked? In our classroom

~How many points should my child be aiming for? All students have a goal of 40 pts.

at their reading level, by the end of each quarter. Points start over again each new quarter.

~How many points per book? Depends on the book and the student's reading level.

~For every 10 points - the student will put up an X on the chart in our room.

Kara Rybicki ~ BCCS

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