Valley Street Jail

By: Mackenzie Fraitzl

What are the purposes of correctional facilities like Valley Street?

  • Punishment for crimes- so that they know they can't just get away with the crime they comitted
  • To remove criminals from society- so that they can no longer harm individuals or continue what they were doing
  • To prevent future crimes- if they know that their actions could lead to jail maybe others will think twice about comitting a crime because they see what the punishment could be
  • To teach a lesson to criminals and change them into law abiding citizens- so that when they eventually get out (if they do) they are changed into citizens that follows the rules

What is life like for various inmates?

  • Specially colored uniforms: orange: no freedom and always escorted by a guard usually new inmates or for more serious crimes. grey: only out of cell when working but doesn't need to be escorted by a guard at all times. These are the people who have worked their way up on good behavior or committed small crimes.
  • If they are in the grey uniforms they are able to get jobs to help them get out of their cells for a certain amount of time a day while they work.
  • Most of them with they grey uniforms want to get a job around the jail.

What are some things that people might not know about correctional facilities like Valley Street?

  • If they have really good behavior and they pass an interview with a officer they can actually get a job outside the jail like Dunkin Donuts
  • They all act completely normal for the most part
  • They get time for meals within their wing and they all eat together and talk and joke around. It's almost like a high school cafeteria in a way
  • They get TV privileges until they argue about what to watch then it gets taken away.