Ambrosia Beetle

Chad Norfleet

Type of organism

  • Insect

Country or area of origin

  • Asian origin that was first detected in the continental United States in Charleston, South Carolina

How the organism spread to other areas

  • The Ambrosia beetle introduces a vascular fungus into its host, causing infected redbays and other hosts to wilt and die within a few weeks or months

How far has it spread

  • Has expanded rapidly to areas such as the US, and the countries of Central and South America

Damage it has done in NC

  • A pest of woody ornamental, fruit, and nut trees in NC and can cause significant damage to nursery, landscape and orchard settings.
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Management Plan

Executive Summary: since they are attracted to trees suffering with stress, we could prevent stress by deeply watering them and keeping them fertilized on a regular basis. We could also remove and destroy the severely infested trees to keep the infestation from spreading. Sprays that contain pyrethroids are effective at preventing Ambrosia Beetles from entering a tree.