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Mrs. Smith's 6th Grade Earth Science

30 Hands Project!

30 Hands Project

The 30 hands project was fun and exciting. While using the program 30 hands, I learned alot of things about technolgly that I had never known. We used a photo collage program called Pic Collage to amke slides.We then imported the collages into 30 hands and used a individually written script to narrate each slide. The 30 hands project was all about the atmospher and what impact humans have on it. This was personaly one of my favorite assignments this school year.

Invention Convention!!

The Trash 2 Transistor

Have you ever relized how much trash is thrown away a year?? Alot! My invention uses the unwanted smelly trash stinking up landfils in a process to create energy. The trash is then burned to heat water which is turned to steam. The steam turns the turbine to light the genrator to make electricity!
Pictures of our Earthquake PBL House

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Earthquake PBL project

In the Earthquake PBL (Project Based Learning) we made models of houses that can withstand sesimic activity for Tony Stark. Using plastic straws, toothpicks, popscicle sticks and modeling clay we built a model 2 story house with strong reniforcemnts. We worked in a group which taught me better responsibilty because I had to have my piece of the project done of time.

Heads Up!

My flyer did get delted so this is how much I could complete over the weekend