How Can we reduce distracted driver

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Hi my Name is Travis Henry and i like to learn about things that interest me and i'm very active i like to work out and i like to do things hands on and one of my favorite hobbies is to go out and have fun and hang out with my friends one of my pet peeves is hard work and dedication what i dislike is people who have talent or skill but choose not to use it.

Essential Question

question How can reduce distracted drivers.

why i chose it I choose it because it because it focus on safety and secure.



know about distracted driving is it cost the lives of thousands of people each year and more people are not following the driving instructions that they need to follow

to be safe on the road.



want to learn about this topic is what more ways that we can prevent distracted driving and save more lives and warn and teach more people that are not up to date about driving safety so they can keep their selfs safe and also other that is on the road.



hope other will learn is to take up to this information and follow the law when it comes to driving and tell other people about this information.