February 2019

Student Records Request Process

Beginning next week on Tuesday, February 12th we will start a new Student Records Process. This process will help us as we move forward to paperless records and to have one procedure for all buildings. Middle and high schools already use this process, so it will be a bit new for elementary. Having a common practice is important in a district the size of ours with over 25,000 students enrolled.

We have attached the step by step process to clarify and guide you. As additional support, Brenda Swearingen will be visiting your buildings (schedule attached) to guide you through this process and answer questions you may have about student records.

AAA/SIS/Records Team

Immediate Transfers and Updates

Did you know that third quarter is the time when most of our student transfer revocations occur? We have more student transfers revoked during these months than any other. Be aware that there is an electronic process for this. eSchool can assist with keeping track of your transfer students, when their first warning letters are sent and why, and allows a seamless process of communication to the parent when a warning letter or revocation letter is mailed.

If your building has students on transfer, please make sure to review this document for consistent application of our warning / revocation processes. Here is the link for this document.

A few friendly reminders about the warning process. There are two warnings given prior to revocation of transfer.

    1. Warning Letters are generated from eSchool.
    2. Warning letters for attendance should be spaced out at least 2-3 weeks
    3. Warning letters for behavior can be sent as discipline is assigned
    4. If there is an attendance letter and discipline on the same day, send the discipline letter. Check for attendance in two weeks or more.
    5. High school revocations should happen only at semester or end of the year to protect credits earned toward graduation.
    6. All letters of revocation should be sent prior to the end of a grading period as to not take the parent unaware.

Keep in mind if you revoke a student transfer during 3rd quarter, please do so prior to Spring Break so the letter of revocation does not arrive during that time off school. It leads to upset calls, frustration and much confusion. A phone call home to the parent to review the transfer revocation is warranted during this time prior to Spring Break.

Please refer to the Transfer Guidelines in the Student Handbook which can be found electronically on page 27, look at item # 5 and # 7 to view specific 4th quarter guidelines about a student whose residence changes or moves outside the SPS attendance area.


Our volunteers have been very busy logging from July 1, 2018 through February 6, 2019 with a total of 12, 986:45 hours of service across the district.

A huge pat on the back to your volunteers and SVCs who are logging these hours. It is much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to encourage this. Volunteer receive incentives for their hours.

  • 10 hours of volunteer service, they get a Volunteer Lanyard with a generic badge that states this volunteer is a very important person at the site.
  • 20 hours of volunteer services: The SVC or volunteer snaps-sends a picture or selfie. and Brenda to create the personalized badge for the volunteer to use with their lanyard.
  • 50 hours of volunteer service: the volunteer will receive a special pin of recognition for their service.
  • 100+ hours of service, the volunteer receives a special notebook. SVCs will notify Brenda Swearengin to have one sent for their volunteers who have reached this level of service.

Volunteers do make a positive difference in our buildings.

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Valentine's Day FACTS

  • Every year, more than 36 million heart shaped boxes of candy are sold across the country.
  • Men spend twice a much as women do on gifts.
  • February 14th is the second largest card giving day of the year, just after Christmas.