Rhino Report

November 2022

Important Dates:

  • Nov. 4 Kinder Parent Activity 2:10
  • Nov. 6 Daylight Saving Time Ends
  • Nov. 8 PTO Meeting 5:30
  • Nov. 22 Fun with Firsties 2:45
  • Nov. 23-25 Thanksgiving Break

Kindergarten- Mrs. Slattery, Mrs. Del Real, Mrs. Vigil, Mrs. Blackburn

Math Update

    • Continue practicing numbers 1-20 with your student.

    • Engage New York Module 3 is about the comparison of length, weight, and capacity.

    • Module Vocabulary includes comparison words such as greater than, less than, or equal to. Words to compare length, weight and capacity such as longer than, taller than, shorter than, endpoint, and balance scale.

ELA Update

    • Continue practicing sight words: have, is, we, like, my, he, for

    • Practice stating an opinion about a given topic with your student. Students should practice giving a reason to support their opinion.

    • Continue practicing letter names along with sounds.

    • Continue to read at home with your student. Practice identifying the key elements in a story such as the characters, setting, beginning, middle and end.

    • Practicing identifying the initial (beginning) sounds in words.

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • Continue reading together at home to help your child meet their reading goal.

1st Grade- Miss. Theis, Mrs. Hansen, Mrs. Burkhart, Mrs. Veeder

Math Update

  • Add and subtract within 20
  • Solving word problems to add and subtract within 20

ELA Update

  • Writing informational pieces using facts from a text

  • Reading informational text and recalling facts

  • Finding similarities and differences between characters and stories

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • Read two books this month

2nd Grade- Mrs. VanArsdale, Mrs. Hessman, Ms. Montes, Miss. Leslie

Math Update
  • Math Module 4: Students will mentally add ten or one hundred to a given number. Fluently add or subtract within 100, using place value strategy and the arrow way strategy, and solve one and two step word problems within 100.

  • This math map will carry over into December.

ELA Update

  • ELA focus: Students will ask and answer questions about the text they are reading.

    Students will write opinions about certain topics.

    Phonics- R-controlled vowels, ( IR, ER, UR)


  • Parents, ask your students about the Characters, setting, problem, events, and solution of the story they read.

Reading Goal

  • Nov. reading goal sent home. Read 20 minutes minimum each night. Reading goals due December 1st.

3rd Grade- Mrs. Cook, Miss Cox, Ms. Martinez, Mrs. Gutierrez, Mrs. Heirs

Math Update

  • Continue to practice multiplication facts!
  • The focus this month is multiplication and division facts 6 through 9.
  • Use an empty egg carton and a die to make a simple game. In one row of the carton’s compartments, use a marker to write the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, one number in each compartment. In the next row, write the numbers in descending order: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Toss the die into the egg carton. Have your child multiply the number on the top face of the die by the number written on the compartment in which it landed. For example, in the image shown, your child would solve the problem 6 × 5. Another way to come up with random numbers is to place the die in the egg carton, close it, and shake it.

ELA Update

We are working on character traits, sequence of events, and drawing conclusions. Ask your child to give you details about the story they are reading; describe the characters and give the sequence of events. Students can make predictions about the text by looking at the titles and pictures throughout the story.

Quarterly Reading Goal

Each teacher will communicate the reading goal for their class.

Big picture

4th Grade- Mrs. Guerrero, Miss. Murillo, Mrs. Hager, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Groth

Math Update

  • We have started module 3 this month. Multiplication facts are very important to this module. Please continue to practice them at home.
  • We will be learning models of multiplication and then moving to the standard way of multiplication.
  • We will also be learning division using models and then moving to the standard way of dividing.

ELA Update

  • This month we are starting unit 2, module A in our ELA resources. We will be focusing on identifying themes in literary text as readers. As writers we will use dialogue and description to develop our characters and themes in our stories. Have your students tell you the themes of the stories they are reading at home or in class. Ask them how they know the character’s traits based on the dialogue.

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • 2 book reports (genre & projects are teacher choice)

5th Grade- Mrs. Irsik, Miss Bacon, Mrs. Botello, Mrs. Jenkins

Math Update
  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Multiplying and dividing fractions
  • Solving for equivalent fractions
  • Solving word problems involving operations with fractions

ELA Update

Within the month, we will be working with various areas in English. We will begin summarizing various texts including The Road to Freedom, Cesar Chavez, and Operation Clean Sweep. For writing, students will begin opinion writing by stating an opinion and finding evidence for support for the current reading unit.

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • One fiction book report
  • One nonfiction book report

  • One personal choice book report

Music- Miss Corwin and Mrs. Bennett

  • Kindergarten-Sound Stories
  • 1st Grade- Body Percussion
  • 2nd Grade-Call and Response
  • 3rd Grade-Students are learning new music symbols to assist with reading sheet music.
  • 4th Grade- Students are learning new music symbols to assist in reading sheet music.
  • 5th grade- Students are learning new music symbols to assist with learning sheet music.

Physical Education- Mr. Rogers & Mr. Burkhard

Scooter Activities/Health/Scoops

Library- Mrs. Fairbank

While reading stories, we have been working on naming the story elements. Have your student pick their favorite fiction book to retell. Be sure to have them tell you all about the setting, main characters, problem, and solution!

Student Support Services- Ms. Alarcon

Hello, Ross Families

This month students will learn how to identify emotions in themselves and others and apply strategies to manage their emotions.

The goal of this unit includes students being able to:

· Explain the purpose of emotions

· Identity differences between three gradations of the same emotion

· Recall emotions have a purpose-emotions provide important information about what they may need

· Name an emotion-management strategy, including: taking a break, slow breathing, and slow counting

Feel free to contact me if I can assist your family in any way.


-Ms. Alarcon

School Psychologist- Mrs. Millershaski

Seven Things To Do Before Homework

1. Feed your child’s tummy and brain-food is fuel!

2. Allow lots of fresh air and play time first to let them unwind, but without screens.

3. Have a designated place for all school things.

4. Have designated area for homework

5. Clear your schedule if possible so you can be available when they are doing their homework in case they need help

6. Stay calm so that if you child hits a roadblock they can express themselves and you can address the issue together as a team

7. Make sure your child is getting enough sleep