survival guide for

Kermadec Island

Location, Geography, and climate

My location is the Kermadec Islands. The Kermadec Islands are in North America. The climate is subtropical, Witch means warm weather.They have a lot of volcanoes that will erupt.The tempeture ranges between 100 and 70 degrees farinhieght.

4 steps to survival

First I will have to create a heat sorce useing something from the plane. Second I will have to build a shelter that can keep out rain. Then I will need to find food of some sort. I will also have something to signle a plane or helicopter. I will also have to have water to drink.

animal life in Kremedec island

There are Birds, Goats, and Fish in the Kermadec Islands. I can use the goats milk for something to drink and then I can eat the goats meet. The goat is very helpful with my survivle on Kermadec island. The animal is not dangerous to me on the island.

Pictures of animals in Kermadec Island

pictures of plants in the Kermadec islands

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