DOG DAYS by Karen English CHAPTER 1

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Chapter 1, PART 2: It Was An Accident!!

In our first chapter, our main character Gavin is struggling with being at a new school and trying to make a new friend. In this second part, we find out what happens when Gavin and Richard go into his sister's room.

Chapter 1: Vocabulary Terms

  • deposits (pg 10) - places in
  • smirk (pg 12) - a smug and offensive smile
  • petrified (pg 14) - very scared; terrified
  • sneer (pg 15) - to smile or laugh in a mean way
  • verdict (pg 16) - a judgement or decision

Chapter 1: Trivia Questions

Which one of Gavin's physical features does he feel needs improvement?

What does Gavin always take from his sister's room?

What special item of Danielle's did the boys break?

What building was inside of the snow globe?

Who is coming over for dinner tomorrow?

Discussion Question:

  • What is Gavin going to do to earn the money to pay Danielle back for her snow globe? Have a family discussion about the importance of this Gavin and how this can be something your family can try.
  • Family Activity: Sensational Snow Globes

    This might not have water in it, but it's still fun!!

    You'll need:

    • paper plates
    • blue construction paper
    • another color construction paper
    • drawing paper
    • plastic wrap
    • white crayons
    • tape
    • glue

    Cut out the flat inner portion of the paper plate and use it to trace a circle on the drawing paper. Draw a snow globe design inside the circle of drawing paper.

    Use the white crayon to color snowflakes all over the blue paper.

    Cut out your snow globe design elements and glue them on top of your snowy blue background.

    Tape a sheet of plastic wrap to cover the whole in your paper plate frame from the inside.

    Flip the frame over and glue it to your blue construction paper.

    Trim away any blue paper that extends beyond the plate frame.

    Once the glue dries, show off your finished snow globe!

    All About My Pet

    Use this worksheet as a discussion or activity.

    "I don't BELIEVE it! (pg 13) Danielle when she discovers her snow globe is broken.