By Ethan Dorsey

Working out

Baseball players work out at gyms. pitchers go to gyms to lift weights. pitchers need to work out because they need to get stronger, to throw harder. They will most likely do pushups or pull ups.Or at least what I would do.


Helmets are head gear for your head.You need a helmet to go up to the plate. Helmets can be really cool. MY helmets are white and blue.


Trophies are something you win If you defeat somebody.My last trophy I got was in 2015.It was the 6th inning and i got the ball and i threw the ball to first base and he got him out so we WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may think trophies are not a big deal BUT, once you see the world series trophy you will want to take it from the Royals who recently won it.
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There many dangers of baseball.You can get heat stroke,pass out,Or getting hit by a baseball.You can get really torn up by a baseball.