Perryville Primary Center

September 4, 2020

Welcome BACK to SCHOOL!


The past week or so has been so enjoyable. I am so proud of our staff and our students. They followed all of the new procedures to keep everyone safe with a smile and a skip in their steps.

During our time together, I witnessed such joy for teachers and students to be reunited. Students were learning, teachers were able to teach, and again our school family was together.

As of today, we will leave school again during uncertain times and transition to virtual learning next week. I want all families to know that we are READY. Students will come home with a device that they have used each day since school started. Teachers have pushed students to use SeeSaw daily and even practiced a live Zoom meeting with them to make sure all students were ready and all devices would be set up correctly.

We know that we won't get to see your child face to face. However, we look forward to seeing them virtually until we can join one another again. I hope and pray for a quick return, all the while continuing safety measures at school and outside of school to do my part for our community. We CAN do virtual learning and we WILL return to school as soon as possible. I wish you well!

Your Proud Principal,

Mrs. Emily Koenig

Did you KNOW?

You can use your cell phone to access your child's virtual learning too!

Some families struggle with internet accessibility but have a cellular phone with data access. If you follow these steps, your child can complete virtual learning AND participate in LIVE Zoom meetings getting vital instruction from their classroom teachers.

Using your cellular phone:

  1. Go to
  2. Use your child's clever "badge" or QR code
  3. Your child can now access SeeSaw lessons.
  4. Your child can now participate in Zoom meetings.
  5. Your child can now access IXL and many other educational sites.

What to look for this FRIDAY?

Today your child will come home with vital information, resources, and materials needed to be successful during our virtual learning period of time.

Look for their Schedule including their daily assignments, small group and individual Zoom meetings, and whole class school family meetings.

All students will receive Paper Packets this week. These resources and instructions are in place for those that are struggling with getting connected or understanding the technology piece. This is provided for this week only. They are NOT required to be completed. Please stay in contact with your teacher throughout the week to troubleshoot any issues and fine tune your child's virtual learning experience to create the MOST success for them.

All students will come home with a Chromebook and Charger provided by the district. If you are having any issues with the device, contact the classroom teacher first. If they can not help, they will refer you to additional assitance.

All students will also come home with crayons, glue sticks, and pencils that can be kept at home. These materials were provided by the district and do NOT need to be returned to school.

All teachers will communicate assignments, schedule Zoom meetings, and provide supports for families through SeeSaw. This platform allows families to see student work, see teacher instruction, and communicate with classroom teachers on a regular basis. School announcements for the Primary Center will also go out through SeeSaw. It is IMPORTANT for all families to be connected. Please contact the classroom teacher if you need assistance connecting to SeeSaw as soon as possible.

How does my child earn attendance during distance learning?

During virtual learning ALL students will be "graded" on work completed and "turned in". They will also get attendance daily.

Attendance will be awarded only for students that complete the expected daily work in SeeSaw AND attend their LIVE Zoom meetings with their classroom teacher.

Troubleshooting HELPS for Chromebooks

Having trouble logging into SeeSaw, IXL, iReady, or any other app:

Be sure the student is going to clever, then the teacher’s homepage before clicking the desired app. They should not click the app on the initial clever page. It is important they are on their teacher’s homepage.

ZOOM is stating the meeting is for internal use only:

If students get this message they are not signed in to ZOOM. They will need to go to, click the blue sign in (NOT the orange sign-up it's free), scroll down and click sign in with google. They should then be able to go back to the original meeting link and get in.

How to get to clever:

On the upper right corner there should be a blue C. When clicking the blue C it should take you directly to your child’s clever account. Once in clever, they will want to click on their teacher’s homepage.

What if there isn’t a blue C:

In google, type in In the upper right corner click login in as a student. This is in blue. Then click clever badge login. This too is in blue. They should then be able to use the QR code they used to login to their computer to login to clever. Once in clever, they will want to click on their teacher’s homepage.

The camera will not turn on to use QR code to login to Chromebook:

First try shutting the computer down. The shutdown button is on the lower left hand side. If this doesn’t work, try signing in with google. The student/parent will need to know the student’s school email address and password.


Password: lunch pin and initials

**Parents can restart their Chomebooks.**