National Child Health Day

Help save the future of America, one child at a time.

How did National Child Health Day Start?

National Health Day was first started in 1928. It was originally

celebrated on May 1st but then changed to the first Monday of October.

President Calvin Coolidge who started Child Health Day was the first to

issue a Child Health Day Proclamation.

Where Do We Celebrate Child Health Day?

Well Child Health Day can be celebrated anywhere! All around America people can make a difference just by helping with this program. Many organizations across America help with this holiday by giving information about staying fit and eating lots of health fruits and vegtables.

Why Do We Celebrate Child Helath Day.

It is very important to the world to make sure that kids stay

healthy and fit so they can have a good childhood and a good future. It is also important to celebrate to let kids know that them satying healthy and fit will really make a difference in their life. Why we celebarte Child Health Day is very self explanitory. It should be very important to help kids have a happy childhood but also have a good, succesful, future.