Come Visit Peru!

By: Libby Morse

Map of Peru

Capitol: Lima

Government and Leader

They have a Constitutional Republic type of government and Ollanta Humala (shown in picture) is their president.


The population of Peru is 30.38 million

Flag of Peru

The colors represent the Incas and the impact they had on the country. The coat of arms in the center represents freedom and national pride. The cornucopia in the coat of arms is for wealth and the wreath and palm and laurel branches stands for freedom.

Peruvian Nuevo Sol

1 peruvian nuevo sol is .32 U.S dollars

Cultural Events:

Carnivals in Peru

The carnivals take place in February and are a joyful experience. They gather and plant a tree surrounded by presents and decorations. They also throw water at each other and cut the tree down so it falls.

Inti Raymi

Inti Raymi is a festival that takes place at the Ruins of Sacsahuman to celebrate the Sun who is an important god in Inca culture.

Corpus Christi

This is a religious festival that is held in the Plaza de Armas. It is to celebrate the incoming of Christ sixty days after Easter Sunday.

Common Foods:


This is a national, seafood dish that is normally served at lunch. It consists of raw fish marinated in citrus fruit juice.


Lucuma is a tree fruit that looks like a mango and is eaten as a dessert. It has a custody taste that is similar to maple syrup. It is used as flavoring for desserts and it is used in ice cream.


Cuy - which is commonly known in the U.S as guinea pig - is a common meat eaten in Peru. It is bony and normally baked or barbecue. It has a gamy taste and is similar to rabbit.

Tourist Attractions:

Paragliding in Miraflores

Fun way to see the beautiful sight of Lima from a high elevation.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

This consists of three trails which are the most famous trails in South America. You will see the beautiful mountains and the Inca paving stones. This activity is cultural, educational, and fun.

Historic Centre of Lima

Although it has been damaged by multiple earthquakes it is a wonderful place to visit. You will see the amazing architecture and learn more about Lima's culture.