Ed-Co Preschool

Mrs. Askeland's Class


The children have enjoyed our Pumpkin Study. We cut a pumpkin open to explore what was inside. After reading several books about pumpkins, we created a learning web. A learning web is a learning tool we will use during our studies. We brainstorm things that we know about a certain topic, chart them and add to it throughout the study. The children were great "thinkers" and came up with many things they already know about pumpkins! The next couple of weeks we will be using pumpkins in many ways. Our Dramatic Play Center has been transformed into a Pumpkin Patch. The children can work or visit the pumpkin patch and make connections to our actual pumpkin patch visit. We will work on fine motor skills while pounding golf tees into pumpkins using toy hammers and drawing on them with markers. We will also do a pumpkin investigation and practice our math skills by measuring and weighing a pumpkin. The children will then record their observations. We will be teaching them the word "circumference" while doing this activity! You'll have to ask them about this!! Along with our study, we are continuing to work on letter sounds and names, letter writing, counting and social skills.

This week we had a fire fighter from the Colesburg Fire Department, Maggie Fensterman, visit our classroom. She showed the children her gear and talked about fire safety and calling 9-1-1. The children enjoyed seeing her gear and had many questions. Thanks for sharing such important information, Maggie!

Now that we are having to wear coats outside, please let your child practice putting their coat on and off independently at home. We talk a lot about being a responsible preschooler and what that means and will be introducing the word "independent" to the children. Many of the children have felt huge success this week when they got their coats on AND zipped all by themselves! Coats can be tricky! One way we teach this skill is by using "coat magic." Have your child show you their magic!

The children learned the concept of "reading the pictures" in a book this week. We taught them there are 3 ways to read a book. 1. Read the words. (which we discussed that most of them can't do that, yet) 2. Read the pictures. (hey....we can do that!) 3. Retell the story (we can do this, too) Teaching these skills helps a child to engage in a book even if an adult is not right next to them. I noticed after this skill was taught, the children were so excited when they "read" a whole book!!

As you can see, preschool is as busy as ever! Thanks so much to everyone that went with us to Sherman's Pumpkin Farm! It was such a beautiful day and the children had lots of fun!!

"Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul." -Friedrich Froebel

Important Dates

October 28-NO SCHOOL
October 31-HALLOWEEN PARTY 2:15 PM