ITLS Newsletter

September 25th

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Message from Julie

Recently I had the opportunity to visit about encyclopedias with a small group of non-educators. Several people remembered how much they enjoyed reading printed editions of encyclopedias and were taken aback when they realized that encyclopedias have been digitized! One person commented that encyclopedias probably aren't needed as much "now that Google works so well!" That conversation reminded me of the importance of telling our community about our free World Book Online subscription! Please remember to share information about this safe and secure resource through your websites, newsletters, parent teacher conferences, and students!

Although it is great that Google "works so well" we know that students need information literacy skills to be able to locate and evaluate information. Adams 12 students are fortunate to have members of the Digital Literacy Partnership to help them acquire the information literacy skills required to use Google, World Book Online, and (fill in the blank) successfully! Thanks for everything you do for the Adams 12 community!


ISTE Submissions are due September 30

ISTE is coming to Denver this year (June 26-29). It would be amazing to have members of our Digital Literacy Partnership present at the conference. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, here is the link to the submission guide. Proposals are due September 30th.

Titlewave Collection Analysis

Each school should have received an invite to do a Titlewave collection analysis beginning sometime next week. Jennifer and Tiah discussed it and determined that by asking each of the schools to do it on a different day at different times, we wouldn't overload the system and bog down the job manager. Many of you saw the invite and got started right away, so folks might have noticed a slowdown in the system.

Many of you have emailed and said that the "Submit Collection" button isn't there. Jennifer said that the username you use for Titlewave might not be the same as the one you use for Destiny. If you don't know or aren't sure of your username or password for Titlewave, go to the Titlewave login page and click on the forgot username or password link -

Colorado State Library Grant

Tiah is still looking for people who might be interested in meeting to determine the best use of the state library grant monies this year. Please email her if you are interested.

Last year the library grant funds were used to purchase preschool story kits, which will be distributed within the next few weeks. The kits include a variety of materials that all relate to a theme and will circulate through the preschools. Thanks to the Information Materials Center staff for making circulation of the preschool story kits possible!

ITLS Phone List Updated

Please accept our apologies for the errors in the phone list. Here is the newest, most updated list!

Interlibrary Loans

Please make sure you are placing your ILL requests through the Destiny system. Please also make sure you are checking that ILL list regularly to be certain you have met all of the requests sent your way.


Looking for Informational Texts that are leveled and associated with content? Check out for a variety of texts. You will also find Paired texts and question sets. They are free to reproduce and copy.

Banned Books Week

September 27 to October 3

If you are going to do a display, advertise it by adding an announcement to the morning announcements.

If you do a display, send Tiah a picture and a short description about how it influenced your patrons. She will include those pics in next week's newsletter.

From Your Peers

Tricia's Tech Tip

Kahoot! I should've done this long ago, so it's old news...but maybe there are others out there that haven't used it much either!

K-5 ELA Planning: From Angie Keating

Federal Parks Pass for 4th Grade Students: From Nadine Abrahams

This is quite amazing, so if you know a 4th grader, please share this info with them. All 4th graders and their families can receive a pass for free entrance to all National Parks - good until Aug. 31, 2016. Go to the following website to sign up. There are also links to websites and activities teachers can download to get their kiddos connected with nature!

FactSurfer: From Laura Israelsen

Check out this kid-friendly search engine.

Google Classroom Resources

This Blog has links to 50 blogposts that highlight different Google Classroom resources.

The Geek Squad is up and running at Woodglenn!

Nathan Wendlowsky made this video to show how the students are being notified that there is a Geek Squad emergency at Woodglen.


Thanks to everyone who has been so willing to share resources and ideas. We have tried to consolidate your great work in this newsletter in an effort to give you an easy way to track back and find what your peers have suggested. Although we are using the newsletter to distribute many different ideas, we have not taken those through any type of formal approval process. We have not contacted IT to determine whether the tool(s) and/or resource(s) meet their standards nor have we obtained input from district content leaders. Please know that as we share your ideas and suggestions we do so as part of an effort to make your jobs easier, but those resources and suggestions are not "officially" part of any Adams 12 curriculum. The approval/"sanctioning" process will be ironed out in the near future, but for now everything we include in this newsletter are ideas and suggestions for your consideration. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Julie.