Heroes Who Persevered

By: Angel Andanar


This newsletter is about 5 different individuals who persevered through there adversities in life. They all became successful men and women for facing the hardship without giving up. They never gave up because they wanted to become something more than a fail. They didn't want to fail because they knew eventually good things come out from trying. There stories may help you through a tough time and to remember to never give up.
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Cause and Effect

In the story "The Power Of A Creative Script" A girl named Eula wanted to care for the sick and the ones who are injured. She grew up in a not so wealthy area and she didn't have a lot of money or a good location to help patients. But that didn't stop her. She had 5 kids and many of them died so she wanted to help the sick and that's what she did. Eula didn't have much money but she strived for her to get a job to pay for nursing school. She didn't have a good location for her to help the sick because there was no hospital so she left to go somewhere else. But in the end if you have many adversities that are in your way you can always persevere through them if you work hard enough. So she helped built a hospital to work for and she became a nurse and helped others. So the causes of her not having money, or a location, and she loved taking care of her children created an effect that she wanted to become a nurse.
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Stephen J. Cannell is a man who flunked all his classes in school, at the age of 35 he discovered he was dyslexic. He realized that he loved writing stories, that everyone loved. But he still faced the fact that he was dyslexic. He didn't like how being dyslexic made people think that he was "slow" or "stupid". He just enjoyed writing stories. He always entertained children and loved making them happy. He was going to get a scholarship in football because he was really good but he lost the scholarship because his grades were bad. So he went to collage for writing where his professor taught him how to write his ideas. He decided that he didn't care what others thought and started to write scripts. He later got his scripts aired of television, some are Riptide, Wise guy, and a lot more. He is very famous for what he is doing and he didn't give up even with his illness. People not supporting him made his stronger because he wanted to prove them wrong. So him not failing got him very successful and got his scripts aired of tv. he faced many adversities but he persevered through all of them.