Winston Archetype S'more

Ashley Seerattan

What does O'Brien mean when he says that Winston is the last human? That Winston is humanity?

O'Brien means that Winston is the last person to know that this is wrong and should be defeated. Everyone else in the society has sucked into the reality that the Party is laying down, but Winston is a "man" like in the book it says "a fully aware human whose spirit is still intact , who still has the "spirit of man" that will defeat the party. O'Brien says "Yes, right but so what? you're the only one left who knows this you're the last of those 'men with the spirit of man' so it does not matter. Once we break you,there wont be any way ever for the party to be defeated you're the last one who could have done it, you're not going to last for long."
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In what ways is Winston an archetype for the spirit or principle that he predicts will one day defeat the party?

Winston portrays the values of a civilized society: democracy, peace, freedom, love and decency. When Winston is destroyed , these things are destroyed with him, and so goes the readers faith that these values are undying and a natural part of being human, Winston represents the struggle between good and bad forces , and there is no mistaking where the lines are drawn.